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Chocolate Show and This & That

Just a quick update: Tristi and I are both exhausted with two more days of the show to go. But our booth looks amazing, we did well last night and there are amazing vendors, chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, really delicious breads and cookies, honey and crackers, massage guy (oh yeah, he's my new best friend) and on and on . . . there is an incredible professional cake contest centered around chocolate. Oh man! Those things were works of art. All in all, amazing and a must see. If you go, drop by our booth -- Imagine -- and visit.

Tristi and I headed up to the South Towne Expo Centre yesterday to set up our booth for the Utah Chocolate Show. To our delight and surprise, we found our booth to be twice the size of what we expected. So we unloaded the truck and drove back to Orem to pick up more items. 12 hours later our booth was a piece de resistance (is that how you spell it)! Tristi and I staggered home, pulling into our driveways about 10:00 - we left for Sandy that morning at 10:45. My back hurts and I'm tired, but our booth is rockin! Imagine . . . mind, body and soul. That's our theme this year.

We have a delightful collection of Tristi's fantastic bath & body products, Scentiments. And when I say her products are amazing -- yeah, that's a vast understatement. We also have scads of books from various LDS authors, both in the LDS market and out! A framed giclee print of Derek Hegsted's "Angel of Gethsemane," healthy chocolate, scrapbook picture frames and Marie Osmond dolls round things out. All proceeds from the painting, picture frames and Marie Osmond dolls will go to the Save the Sluyter Family Farm fund. With 10' x 20' booth, we've set up a library, Christmas trees and a beautiful display of Tristi's products. We are so happy with it and have made it as inviting as possible.

If you haven't been to the chocolate show come down and see us. Come on - it's a show centered on chocolate! Where can you go wrong?

9575 S State St
Sandy UT 84070-3212

So, what went on in the world yesterday while Tristi I were constructing our booth?

Hmmm, the parent company of Motel 6 decided to remove Bibles from all their hotels, all owned by the parent company and not just Motel 6, and replace them with sex kits.

Congress decided to slip America a fast one and remove the funding for the Southern Border Security fence and give it to the Department of Homeland Security. Anybody surprised? Democratic Congress? Nope - not surprised. The Democrats would make our borders so porous every criminal in the world will be waltz right through without hesitation or interference.

Barry Young of an Arizona radio station owned by Clear Channel conducted a direct and disrespectful, even horrifying, attack on Mormons and Mitt Romney. Yeah, I sent Clear Channel an email:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am horrified at the attack Barry Young made on Mormons. His clear attack, misdirection on information, etc was beyond belief. He attacked Mitt Romney for not making a statement on his religion. Does the idiot not read Time Magazine? He played a portion of the LDS temple ceremony, which is so sacred and beautiful to each Mormon -- how could he mock something so sacred? Does he even know the meaning of sacred?

Because of this ignorant and outrageous attack I will find a list of Clear Channel stations and will no longer be listening to them. I will not support any company who promotes such outrageous bigotry and a complete disregard for the religious beliefs of another.

Barry Young needs to be fired. Clear Channel management needs to issue a clear and concise apology for the barrage of disrespect, dishonor and mockery Young launched at Latter-day Saints. But don't apologize to just Mormons. Apologize to all for the promotion of religious bigotry on your station.
To top all that I went and made the mistake of going to Fantastic Sams on the corner of State and Center in Orem. I went with the picture of a pretty simple haircut, asked for highlights and lowlights and thought it would be a no-brainer. I have the worst possible haircut right now, the hairdresser used five, yes I said FIVE, bottles of haircolor on my hair . . . for highlights and lowlights, and then had the nerve to charge me $104 for that and a bad haircut. I'm so livid I could just scream. I tried talking to them, I tried for a partial refund because I am so bitterly unhappy and nothing. So, I'm boycotting Fantastic Sams. You don't have to join me, this is my own stand against substandard hairdressers. I should've known better! You can walk into this place with any picture and you're going to walk out with the exact same hairstyle as everyone else. They only know how to cut one way. They only known how to style one way, actually two. Either the straight, sleek look (so last season) or the "you've had a terrible fright" look. Yeah, I'm hat girl for the next few weeks while my abominably short bangs (she made a mistake and had to fix it) grow out.

It's official, the world has completely lost its mind!
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