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Speaking to my Soul

There are times when music simply pierces your heart and sings to your soul. This is one of those times. I was over at Anne Bradshaw's Not Entirely British blogspot yesterday and found this. Anne, I hope you don't mind, I had to put him on mine as well.

Paul Potts is an incredible Welsh tenor. He even brought smiles to the faces of Simon Cowell and Pierce (America's Got Talent, Celebrity Duets, etc.) on Britain's Got Talent. My heart simply sighed as this humble man from Wales heard the opening notes of the song and then his voice rose and soared out above the crowd to the very heavens above. Listen to him sing Nessun Dorma.

Thanks, Anne. You made my day. And yes, tears streamed down my face too as I listened.

Here is his semi-final performance in the competition. And this is a small portion of the journey in realizing he has a God-given gift and we see his confidence begin to grow.

And the performance that won him the entire show.

And the announcement of his win!

Pick up his CD, better believe I'm going to! I really was moved by this young man's voice. He went from a mobile car phone salesman to the toast of Britain performing before the Queen. If this doesn't say your dreams really can come true, I don't know what does.

I saw a quote yesterday that says it all:

"What would life be, if we had no courage to attempt anything." Vincent Van Gogh

Granted the guy lost his mind and cut his ear off and sent in the mail to someone. But ignoring that, this statement really says it all if you have dreams left to accomplish.
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