Convention of Statesmen

From W.L. Elliot's blog Interrugnum I found this creed composed and written so beautifully it made me wonder why I don't have one.

If I can create one king as noble and great as High King Peter of Narnia, if I can speak with one voice as beloved as Masterharper Robinton of the Harper Hall, if I can give one person a place to escape that is as safe and as dear as the Hundred Acre wood, then I will be complete as an author, and I will have fulfilled my one great goal in writing.

Then I dropped by Rosehaven Cottage for a little visit and found they had created a beautiful award for rewarding excellence in blogging. That's a fun blog, by the way. Today they took me back to my childhood when Prince of Orange and Snow Kitty ruled our home. Man, those were the days and the only time this dog person liked cats.

No, I wasn't given this award . . . they have no idea who I am.

But again, I thought to myself, there are so many of these awards running around and my heart is warmed a little every single time I received one. I like knowing that my blog inspires, helps, amuses . . . whatever is gained from my thoughts.

Then I remembered that Kathleen over at So Grateful to be Mormon awarded me the You Make Me Smile award. I hadn't passed that on to anyone yet. How terribly remiss of me. So I'm passing this on to Dawn over at Because I Said So she richly deserves this one. Comical Captions has definitely earned it as well. Janette Rallison with one of the wittiest senses of humor around definitely deserves this. And last, but certainly not least . . . Tristi Pinkston, the LDS Storymakers Conference Fairy with her incredibly wry sense of humor is also awarded the You Make Me Smile award. Tristi, we still need that CD of your conference hits.

I think you can probably guess where I'm headed with this. Why haven't I ever created an seriously rockin' lookin' award to bestow upon those blogs that make me happy, ponder, effect change, etc. I mean, I know I highlight one every week, but I need a picture to award. Yes, I'll be calling my brother Cash today and asking him to design me something REALLY COOL!

And when I was driving home from Beaver the other day, where I found a distant cousin in the group I was speaking to (I mentioned my great-great-great grandfather Moses Harris and found out her great-grandmother and my great-great-grandfather were brother and sister) I was listening to the Glenn Beck Show (which I believe I've mentioned) and decided I want my own really cool theme song. So I'm going to call my sister and ask her to compose me a stylin' song. Hmmm, she's the mother of five active children. That may take awhile. You think I could get Merrill Osmond to do it? Nah. Sheesh, talk about busy. Okay, I'm going to have to work on that one because I have the musical capabilities of a gnat!

Okay, so to summarize:

I need to come up with a creed. Check.

I need to come up with an award. Check.

I need a theme song. Check.

And it is distinctly possible I need therapy.
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