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Candace E. Salima - Firesides, School and Organization Presentations

I've had a number of people express the wish I could come do a fireside at their ward or stake, or a presentation at their school or organization. This has been asked of me enough that I decided to blog about it today.

My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ is strong and unassailable. From a very early age in life my love of the scriptures saw me reading the New Testament multiple times, the Old Testament once or twice (I didn't develop my love of the Old Testament until the last couple of years), the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants numerous times. In my patriarchal blessing I was promised I would always have an answer for the sincere in heart because of this deep love and application of the scriptures and gospel in my life.

In April of 1993 I was privileged to appear on The Phil Donahue Show in defense of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was an incredible experience, that I actually include in the fireside: Candace E. Salima - Wife, Writer and Theologian.

Many may recall, although I don't know why you would, the book Secret Ceremonies by Deborah Laake. It was a sad woman's tale of action and consequence as well as sore confusion. I didn't like her until I read her book, then I pitied her above all. She lied in that book. She misled in that book. But she was a sad, sad woman who eventually met a horrible end.

She is why I was on the Donahue Show. She is who I was defending the church and the priesthood against. Contrary to her hope, my testimony of the gospel, of Jesus Christ and of our prophet was strengthened beyond measure. I have never prayed more fervently than at that time, asking for guidance and inspiration as I appeared on global television to correct the deliberate lies.

From that point forward in my life I began speaking in wards across the nation. For two years I testified of the power of the Lord when someone attempts to discredit His work and His people.

It was truly an amazing experience. Many years later I became a published author and began speaking again. As time went on, more and more fireside topics emerged until I now have six or seven firesides or presentations that I do. And each time I am asked to speak, my testimony of that topic grows as well. It is a privilege that I do not take lightly.

And so, to any and all who wish to have me come speak, it's really very simple. First you go to my website and choose a topic (I've included the topics below.) Then you email me with the date, time and place and I check my schedule. If I am free then I will come. If you are within driving distance all I ask is my gas be covered (anything over an hour.) If it requires flying, then you need to cover flight, transportation, lodging and food for the time period I am there. (When I'm rich then I'll cover all these things myself. (Really can't wait for that day!))

Here are the firesides and presentations I do (it's in third person because I pulled it straight from my website):

Candace E. Salima ∙ Wife, Writer, Theologian - What Led Me To Where I Am Today - Candace has lived a varied and interesting life. Through the course of that life, Candace has grown into a woman with a deep and abiding love of her husband, writing and the gospel. A noted teacher, writer and theologian, Candace shares a bit about the history of her life while teaching gospel principles and instilling hope in the hearts of those going through similar trials. Fireside / Presentation*

Joseph Smith Jr. ∙ The Preparing of a Prophet - From the beginning, when Joseph Smith, Jr. was chosen at the Grand Council in heaven to lead the restoration, Jehovah began preparing the way. In the lives and actions of Brother Joseph's ancestors we see that the Lord carefully prepared the path which Joseph Smith, Jr. eventually trod. Candace skillfully weaves stories of Joseph and his ancestors with gospel principles, teaching us that the Lord is by our side at all times when we serve Him. Understanding of familial loyalty and its role in a successful life are taught through the examples of Brother Joseph himself. Fireside

Emma Smith ∙ Elect Lady So Misunderstood - Emma Smith was the love of Joseph Smith, Jr.'s life, the sweetheart of his youth and the choice of his heart. He adored her with everything in him. In turn, Emma defied her father to married this prophet of God. She stood by his side through thick and thin, allowing no quarter in the support of her husband. Through the most unspeakable trials she never wavered at his side. This fireside peeks into the heart and soul of Emma, leaving the listener with a truer understanding of the power and strength of a true woman of God. Fireside

Fritz Hendrik Sluyter ∙ Husband, Father, Disciple ∙ My father grew in wartorn Europe. The lack of freedoms he suffered, the torture, pain and agony of devastation constantly surrounding and effecting him made him the man he was. This fireside shares the story of Fritz's life, including his conversion, his emigration to the United States and the disciple of God he was when he finally shuffled off this mortal coil. A man of strength, conviction and honor, Candace has picked up the mantle and now stands in her father's place to share his message.

Literacy ∙ Reading Changes Lives and the World! - A simple promise from the prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, precipitated this presentation. Four things were outlined by President Hinckley, which if done by each family in the world, would turn society around within a generation or two. These four things are the basis of Candace's fireside or presentation. With 60% of all prison inmates functionally illiterate, and 85% of all juvenile delinquents functionally illiterate, Candace strongly feels that literacy plays a critical role in the salvation of mankind. Using information from the prophets, from the Department of Education and the National Endowment of the Arts, Candace lights a fire within the hearts of every listener as she encourages all of mankind to turn to literacy, instilling it within their lives and the fabric of their families once again. Fireside / Presentation*

Missions in Life ∙ Promises Made Before We Came - Before we entered mortality, we knelt at the feet of our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, and covenanted to accomplish the missions given us. When born into this world, the memory of those promises was erased, the knowledge, nor the commitment, were not. Candace goes through the steps we must take in life in order to have those missions revealed to us as well as accomplish those missions. Her undeniable testimony of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, of Heavenly Father as a loving father who wishes only to be reunited with His children and her knowledge of the gospel are used as the basis of this fireside. Fireside

Triumphing Over Trials, Tragedies and Sorrow ∙ Forged in the Refiner's Fire - As stories were gathered from across the nation, Candace and Elizabeth grew and were indelibly touched. This fireside shares some of those stories, the lessons learned and the gospel principles and knowledge which exist to aid us in triumphing over these trials, tragedies and sorrows of mortality. Fireside / Presentation*

To have Candace speak in your ward, school or organization contact her by Clicking Here and including your name, organization, date and time. Candace will coordinate with you in order to find a date workable for both of you. Individual details can be worked out via email and phone. For certain literacy presentations, Candace will bring other authors to participate in the presentation.

Candace's bishop's contact information:
Bishop David Smith
Park 2nd Ward
(801) 225-4431

"Candace Salima is a remarkable speaker. Well-read and knowledgeable, she imparts that knowledge smoothly and seamlessly, never making the listener feel like they're in a college classroom cramming for a test, but rather that they are on the edge of their seats, listening to a fascinating story." -- Tristi Pinkston // Topic: Joseph Smith, Jr. -- The Preparing of a Prophet

"Candace is a very informative speaker. She has an assured, personable quality, speaking to you like a friend." -- Ruthe Clark // Topic: Joseph Smith, Jr. -- The Preparing of a Prophet

"I have heard Candace speak on several occasions and each time felt the power of her words. I can still recall things she said, which to me is a sure sign the lecture was excellent. she speaks from the heart and from a vast knowledge of both spiritual and secular subjects. She also has the gift of making an audience feel warmed and loved." -- Anne Bradshaw // Topic: Missions in Life

"Candace possesses the ability to captivate an audience with her spirit, wisdom and delightful storytelling. Her presentations are motivating, uplifting and forward-thinking. She has a talent that engages all who attend, irrespective of education or maturity. Each time i hear her speak, I return home excited to study and increase my own understanding of the subject matter." -- Tara Case // Topic: Missions in Life

* Those classified as Presentations are suitable for schools, businesses and private organizations.

I count it a great privilege and honor when I am asked to come speak. So if you need me, all you have to do is contact me.

By the way folks, I'll be signing books at the following boutiques:

October 20th: Elsinore, Utah ∙ Fall Boutique at the Elsinore Community Center (9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

November 2nd and 3rd: Gunnison, Utah ∙ Mistletoe Mall Boutique at Gunnison High School

November 15th, 16th, and 17th: Sandy, Utah ∙ Chocolate Show at the Expo Center

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