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Our Congress Should Be So Ashamed!

WARNING! Serious rant to follow.

I had the Fox News Channel on all day today because I half expected those idiot terrorists to try something. They've issued their requisite three warnings (I think it's three by now) and so I uncharacteristically had the television all day. Nothing happened. However . . .

I listened to our "esteemed senators," along with Barak Obama and others, question General Patraeus today as he TRIED to deliver his report on the situation in Iraq. I have never been so ashamed of the men and women we have sent to Congress. What are they two-year-s old? Okay, sorry to insult the toddlers. Anway, I am deeply, deeply ashamed. And Barak Obama, I knew he was a fool. I knew he was a socialist. But I listened to him and two other Democratic senators treat a 4 Star General, that THEY UNANIMOUSLY VOTED in to handle the situation in Iraq, with such disrespect it was shameful. A man that last year was hailed, by them, as a man of integrity, honesty and strength. Everybody liked this guy last year. A man that has served this nation, fought in multiple wars, put his life on the line for those no good, yellow-bellied, lower than a snake's belly cowards so they can sit there and ridicule him.

This year he came back from Iraq to testify before our VERY PATHETIC Congress and didn't tell them what they wanted to hear. He didn't tell them that we're losing. He didn't tell them its hopeless. He didn't tell them that we should surrender and pull out. The surge is working. Democratic senators credit that to Iraqi warlords, saying, and I loosely quote, "the reduction in violence in the Anbar province is in spite of the troop surge. The warlords had to defend themselves against Al Qaeda because our troops couldn't." Complete and utter bastards (the politicians, not the soldiers. And I apologize for the language but I have have nothing else to call them that portrays their nature as this word does.)

Colonel Oliver North, who spent over six months in that province for the FOX News Channel said the troops have made a HUGE difference, and paid with their lives to do so, and took that statement as a personal affront to the men and women in uniform. And he should have, I did.
The Washington Post reported: "Gen. Petraeus today warned lawmakers that a "precipitous withdrawal" from Iraq would embolden al Qaeda terrorists and the hostile Islamic regime in Iran.

"Al Qaeda remains "a very dangerous foe and continues to inflict death and destruction on the Iraqi people," said Gen. Petraeus during back-to-back hearings with the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services committees.

"But senators subjected Gen. Petraeus and Mr. Crocker to intense questioning on whether the war in Iraq plays a significant role in protecting the U.S. from future attacks by Islamic extremists.

"Does this make America safer?" Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican, asked Gen. Petraeus about keeping large numbers of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

"Gen. Petraeus said he was focused on the mission in Iraq, but when prodded a second time by Mr. Warner, he answered, "I don't know."

"Both Gen. Petraeus and Mr. Crocker, however, said in addition to emboldening enemies, leaving Iraq too quickly would likely lead to "massive human suffering" caused by sectarian fighting."

So then they started peppering him with questions. He tried to answer but they barreled on allowing no responses from him as they belittled him and our troops. I am so disgusted I could just SPIT!

So the Republican Congress didn't do a good job. I'm not happy with them either and I expect them to realize their mistakes and realize the American people will not support them just because they are Republican. CONGRESS NEEDS TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE! Congress doesn't represent itself. They are not voted in to represent themselves. They are voted in to represent us, because WE THE PEOPLE are the ones that run this nation. At least, that's how our founding fathers set it up.

And so this Congress, with the lowest approval rating of any Congress in the history of this country has ever had, continues to call our troops useless, cowards and losers. Next thing you know, they'll revert to the Vietnam era and start calling them "baby killers." It is absolutely despicable.

And thus I conclude, this Congress must be replaced. Every single senator, congressman and presidential candidate turning on our troops, running from the war on terror and wanting to "make nice" with every freakin' terrorist in the world who'd rather see all free men and women dead than see them grow and progress with capitalism, freedom and religious freedom. Yeah, making nice with them will work. HOW STUPID ARE THEY! I'll tell you . . . stupid, stupid, stupid and shameful.

I urge each and every reader of this post to become actively involved. Learn about your representatives and senators and how they vote. Learn who still stand and who will fall under pressure. We need Statesmen who will stand for this constitution, this nation and this people. Politicians are perfectly useless and are not worthy to shovel dog poop in the park.

And don't get me started with the press. Calling this hero, General Patraeus, General Betrayus is the ultimate in insults. So I invite, even demand, that every single treasonous jackass who is participating in this vilifying of this good man pack your damn bags and get out of America. If you don't like the way we run things here try another country for awhile and see how you like that. Eldredge Cleaver tried that to avoid a murder conviction . . . he came back and served his time. Said prison in America was better than life in any other country. So don't come back until you understand the price the soldiers of this nation have paid to provide the freedoms we, you, enjoy.

With freedom comes responsibility. LIVE UP TO IT! My father, who was an immigrant and refugee of World War II, understood this better than you. I am glad he has shuffled off this mortal coil because the shame he would feel at this time would be unbearable to watch.

As requested, click here to find out how your senator votes.

Update: Kerry Lynn Blair posted a comment on this blog. She included a quote that I wanted to be in the actual post:

More than two centuries ago Thomas Paine said of America, "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

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