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Any takers?

You know what I long for right now? Well yeah, some beautiful mountain scenery, in which I can immerse myself by driving ten minutes to the north, so that's not a problem. But there's something I want a little more.

You see, when I awakened this morning I played the "if I could have anything I wanted right now what would it be?"

1. My husband healthy, whole and strong.

2. My mother healed from the passing of my father and joy returned to her life.

3. My friends and family taken care of and no longer struggling to survive.

4. My sister healed from the passing of her husband and forgiveness for the man who killed him.

5. The Savior returned in all His glory and having cleaned up the mess we've made of this world.

-- and

possibly the most attainable and yet still so far away . . .

I'd like two weeks at a mountain cabin with plenty of food, books to read and nothing but time to write, write, write. Oh yeah, there would have to be a laptop and internet access for the writing. And uh, lots of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory fudge with walnuts. Oh shoot, nothing to do but sleep, eat, read and write. That would be amazing.

But, I forge on in the library my husband created for me, piles of research everywhere, books on shelves, in piles, in piles on top of the books in the shelves . . . and I love it.

But, if I had to choose between that mountain retreat and the first five -- oh the first five win.

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