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Auction to Raise Money - 2nd Post of the Day

Marie Osmond's "Crystal": In commemoration of her 15th Anniversary crystal celebration, Marie Osmond is delighted to present a dazzling doll with timeless beauty. "Crystal" wears an elegant champagne-colored airy gown with intricate embroidered detailing accented with plenty of sparkle. As her crowning feature, "Crystal" wears a very special, 15th Anniversary crown adorning her soft, up-swept, brunette curls. Truly, a doll like "Crystal" comes around only once every 15 years! "Crystal" is truly a collectible doll by sculptor, Sonja Bryer. She has been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond dolls.

Limited edition 3687 of 4000, certificate and doll signed by Marie Osmond.

$149.95 Value, Beginning bid, $50.00.

All proceeds from this auction, sans the shipping, will go to the Save the Sluyter Family Farm Fund. This fund was pulled together in order to help my mother pay off the medical expenses incurred by my father's illness and subsequent death and save the farm where the two of them lived.

All bids will posted and accepted via Comments and the auction will end Tuesday, September 11, 2007.

When Marie heard about my mother's plight she immediately donated two dolls, signed them, signed the certificates and then autographed an 8x10 photo of herself thanking the winner for helping Muriel (that would be my mother.) The doll and picture will be shipped within 24 hours of completion of payment.

So please bid, spread the word to those of your friends, families and associates. This is a worthy cause with a very beautiful reminder of your generosity, Marie's "Crystal."

Next week's auction, Derek Hegsted's "Angel of Gethsemane", will be posted on Friday, September 14th. May I thank each of you in advance for participating in this auction. The funds raised will take a great deal off my mother's shoulders as she struggles to recover from my father's death while caring for my autistic sister.

For those who would rather just donate, click here. Credit Cards, personal checks, e-checks and Paypal accepted.
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