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Okay, I'll admit it. Anne Bradshaw over at Not Entirely British did a really good thing and I am shamelessly borrowing from her idea of spotlighting the most amazing youth in the world. I think it is incredible what she has done and the youth that are the finalists in her contest are truly amazing. If you haven't gone to her blog yet, read about them and vote, you're going to want to do that as soon as you're done reading mine, submitting a nomination and generally recognizing that I'm the greatest blogger to ever walk the earth . . . all right, all right, you don't have to do that last part. As long as it exists in my mind I'm okay with that.

Announcing the
Best Husband in the World Contest

I want to celebrate the most amazing husband in the world. Each of us married the man of our dreams, I certainly married mine. Alvin and I met at BYU in the hallway outside of Greek and Roman Mythology Class in 1983. There was no turning back, although it did take us being friends, then dating, then getting engaged, then breaking up and being apart for eight years, me being on national television which precipitated contact again, two more years and an intriguing three days which culminated in yet another engagement and finally marriage on May 4, 1995. There is SO much more to that story but you'll have to click here to get that, there's just not enough room in this blog, nor is it the purpose. (Let me just momentarily digress and say, man I loved that hair of mine.)

Since that day, I have been married to the most wonderfully attentive man who pays attention to my moods, my wishes, my hopes and my dreams. He comes home every day and calls my name the second he walks in the house. He greets me with a hug and a kiss and tells me he loves me. Through eight miscarriages he held me, cried with me, loved me and cherished me. Through six years of kidney failure we have walked that frightening path hand in hand, my husband never faltering as he suffered through multiple hospital stays, dialysis (3x a week, 5 hrs/day) and the subsequent financial difficulties. Hard to believe we've only been married twelve years when it feels as if we have been together a lifetime.

Through it all he has remained strong, worthy and is truly a man among men. I would not trade him for any other man in the world and count myself blessed every single day that we have another day on earth together. I count myself blessed that he was worthy to go the temple and we were sealed for all time and eternity and that we have lived up to those covenants.

My husband is a good man who loves his family, friends, neighbors, coworkers . . . pretty much all he comes into contact with. He has a God-given gift of reaching into the hearts of the troubled and reminding them of who they are and what they can accomplish. He loves music, oh he loves music (let's not get into the Temptations vs. the Osmonds thing.) But he makes sure that we see the movies I want, I have the books I enjoy and lovingly pushes me out the door to have lunch with friends. He simply ROCKS! I love him more than I can say.

Because I know there are other husbands just a wonderful out there, from now until midnight November 30, 2007 I will be taking nominations via this email address The six finalists will be posted, please send a picture with the nomination, on December 1, 2007 when voting will commence and the winner will be chosen by you. Sadly, because it would just be skewed, my husband cannot win although I think he'd be a shoe in. On December 15, 2007 the winner will be announced.

I'll spend the next two months finding some great prizes for the finalists as well as the Grand Prize. As each prize is added, I will post them in the right hand column. Of course, certificates will be awarded that will be suitable for framing. So start nominating! Tell me about your husband and why you think he is the Best Husband in the World!

Okay, I'm sorry -- this has nothing to do with this marvelous contest I just announced, but I just had to . . . I took another one of those stupid tests.

Your Aura is Green

You're very driven, competitive, and even a bit jealous.

However, you seek out balance in your life - and you usually achieve it!

The purpose of your life: inspiring others to be better

Famous greens include: Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart

Careers for you to try: Guru, CEO, Talk Show Host

That is exactly what I try to tell everyone. I should be a CEO or Talk Show Host. See? I told you so!

Don't forget to spread the word about the auction below. The proceeds all go to the Save the Sluyter Family Farm fund. Thank you one and all.

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