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Text Marketing v. Email Marketing and/or Social Media

So I just read this book: Make a Killing on Kindle. This guy learned the hard way that sending out email blasts ends in only about 10%, and I'm being generous, open/read rate. Of course, as I read through the book I did pick up a couple of things, but there is just nothing like text marketing.

It doesn't matter if you are an author, charitable foundation, musician, business, politician or political candidate, building a texting community of fans, customers or supporters is the best way to reach them quickly and efficiently. Building a texting community is the best was to support your cause, your business, your fans or your supporters. Once a solid community is built then your message being received is only seconds away, right into their cellphone.

Email is a thing of the past unless you are simply communicating with friends, co-workers or loved ones. However, building a texting community is a marketing strategy that has a completely different set of stats:
  •  98% open/read rate, 
  • 70.6% click through rate.
  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of their delivery
  • Over 86% of Americans own a mobile phone
  • 91% of all US mobile users keep their phone within arm’s reach
  • Over 68 million people are frequent text users
  • 70% of smartphone users text.
You can't beat that anywhere at any time. Check out ... it is, by far, the best out there for building your texting community.

Maximize your marketing with Venidro’s powerful suite of text and web based services. Texting is quite simply the most powerful way to reach your target audience. With Venidro, texting isn’t just about messages, though. Use our polling tools to dig deep and find out what your customers really want, then sell it to them right through their phones. With tools ranging from contests to donations to virtual line management, Venidro has what you need to empower your customers and your business. Don’t just talk to your audience, communicate with them. With Venidro, you can go beyond the unread email and the unseen print ad. There is no more efficient way to reach your customers than through the device they have with them every waking hour of the day. ‪

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