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Merry Christmas, America

Muslims take it upon themselves to dictate to the world what they think we should believe. But that is not the way things work in America. For America is still a Christian nation, regardless of what our ridiculous president may say.

Christmas is a time when the world stops, takes a breath and looks at itself and remembers the wonder and joy of the season. Although peace is gone from the earth until the return of Jesus Christ, we can still find that peace within our hearts and souls. We've only to turn to Jesus Christ to find that much needed peace.

First, and foremost, Christmas is all about Jesus Christ. Our Lord, Savior and Redeemer. It is about His birth at the meridian of time. He descended from His throne on high to come save all of God's children. He redeemed us in the Garden of Gethsemane and broke the bands of death when He rose three days later.

This is a simple version of the Christmas Story told by a little girl. The simplicity of it, as well as the message, is truly something to remember. For in the eyes of a child we often find pure truth.

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