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RMI Nationals

RMI Nationals was born in the innovative mind of Evolution director, Rick Lunt. In its inception, RMI Nationals is dedicated to celebrating the excellence of show choirs across America. We hope to celebrate the best and most innovative talents and artistic achievements; to offer an environment where students may learn techniques, share information, and showcase their unique, creative styles; and to enjoy the respect and camaraderie of their peers in the performing arts.

Our RMI Nationals promises to be a unique experience on many levels. We’ll have an Hollywood production crew filming in order to produce a state-of-the-art DVD and streaming experience for our viewers. We offer a judges’ panel of recognized talents and authorities in their fields of expertise; and a variety of awards, including Grand Champion, Judge’s Choice, Lifetime Achievement, Spirit, and People’s Choice of “Best” Awards. As we strive to recognize extraordinary talents, the Expo will offer solo competition as well as mixed show choir competition.

We hope to foster friendships amongst the show choirs by offering not only an opportunity to participate in a relaxed atmosphere of a dance, but also hosting an exciting riff-off; where each competing show choir may participate and challenge each other in a fun, innovative manner.

Our mission is to produce a top-level, annual show choir invitational that will eventually franchise across the United States in order to reach gifted, talented high school students around the country and expand the exciting world of show choir! Learn more at RMI Nationals.

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