Convention of Statesmen


Convention of Statesmen

Convention of Statesmen was born in the fertile minds of Candace E. Salima, W. Daniel Willis and Clark Madsen. Created to not only recognize excellence in the political spectrum, but to also aid in the education of America as to the greatness of the American Dream, and the Republic upon which it was born. This convention will be two days of information, education, interaction as well as fun, and you will walk away armed with the necessary knowledge to help educate your community. And yes, will we show you how to do that too.

May 20-21, 2016 will be the first Convention of Statesmen in Utah. Utah was chosen as the place to house this convention because one of this caliber and category was desperately needed in the West. We will be using the communication suite at CommuniTXT to run the entire convention. You will participate in contests, polls, and become an interactive part of the convention. It was created for the American public.

In fact, aren’t you tired of this? Aren’t you tired of the same old, worn out, unworkable solutions from the same old, worn out, insider politicians? Aren’t you tired of the same blathering, status quo, talking heads on every news program from MSNBC to FOX? Don’t you just want someone to tell the truth for once, and then roll up their sleeves and try to actually solve a problem? Just once?

So do we. And that is precisely why Convention of Statesmen was created. Learn more at Convention of Statesmen. Tickets go on sale 1 September 2015.

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