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Keeping it All in Perspective

The last week has been cause for much reflection about my life, and frankly, being an American. Everyone knows how fiercely proud I am to be an American, and certainly how privileged I feel to be American. But over the last week it has really been brought home how very blessed we are.

I have had three Chinese girls staying in my home for the last week, with a week yet to go. They come from Chongqing and have come through American Leadership Academy's hosting program. Evolution, ALA's nationally ranked show choir, hosts this Chinese private school every year.

After my husband died and I moved closer to my sister, I ended up moving into a smaller house which has had it's own challenges. But here is where I started to truly realize how different things can be.

When the girls first walked into my house they exclaimed over how big it was. That stopped me in my tracks, because it really is a small house. Then when we washed their clothes that night they were in awe of my clothes dryer. As they have enjoyed truly American experiences over the week, including playing night games with the neighborhood children, it's been interesting to watch them embrace America with everything in them.

My sister has been bringing snacks over nearly every night, uniquely American snacks, for the girls to try. They weren't wild about Root Beer, but they love Coke and Dr. Pepper. We had thought to make them soft-boiled eggs and rice for breakfast, but they wanted American breakfasts, and that is what we have given them. They are particularly fond of Lucky Charms.

The point I am trying to make is simply this: Yes, things are chaotic in America right now. But I've had the privilege of coming to understand how truly blessed we are as a nation. Nemo, Christina and Lin have been a delight to have in my phone. Lin lost a tooth, so we looked up what the tradition in China is, no tooth fairy there.

Chinese kids put their upper teeth at the foot of their beds and put their lower teeth on the roof. It is hoped that this will make their permanent teeth grow in faster. Not nearly as fun as the tooth fairy, but Lin just threw it in the garbage and called it good.

So it boils down to this, I will try every day to thank my Heavenly Father for being an American. I'm grateful to my ancestors who came here in 1500's and equally grateful to the Irish side who came in the mid-1850's. They are the reason we are here and a large part of why I keep up this fight for America. And I have to remember that which is common place to us, is not necessarily common place to others from around the world.

God bless America.

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