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The Purpose of StatesmenPAC

The purpose of StatesmenPAC is to bring to the hearts of Americans the importance of our historic values which made this nation great.

We are living in historic times in America, but are hedged in by a mediocre Congress made up of mediocre individuals who gain more by going along with narrow, monied powers than by solving problems. StatesmenPAC is seeking 200+ men and women across America to run for Congress in 2014. They want people who have proven themselves through the fires of time and who have emerged with competence, integrity and strength. They expect statesmen to limit their contributions to less than the legally de minimus $200.

StatesmenPAC works with which provides communication tools, principally push texting, fundraising, polling, forums and grassroots development, thereby enabling candidates to communicate with their constituents as they are running for office and after, relying on the hearts of Americans to come together on national priorities. PSBtxt is developing grassroots across America, helping Americans understand that we will be heard if we simply unite in purpose.

StatesmenPAC uses texting tools and discussion forums on national issues to strengthen the link between candidates, their campaigns, their volunteers, their small funders and, ultimately, their constituents.

Through PSBtxt, texting tools candidates are able to fundraise, poll, push information to voters and engage them with contests. This is all done within seconds. A SinglePoint worldwide study on texting showed that 98% of people read a text within 3 seconds to 3 minutes. This is an astronomical read rate, with an equally astounding 70.6% click through rate.

PSBtxt has formed a partnership with StatesmenPAC to provide tools and best practices for 200 statesmen candidates for the US House and Senate in 2014. Just by running they will change the status quo. StatesmenPAC believes the election of a great many of them is likely as people all over the country ask themselves why their congressman doesn’t measure up.

We believe the election will be followed by a time of great prosperity and a restoration of American robustness.
John F. Kennedy said, “Let us not seek of the Democrat answer or the Republican answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept responsibility for the future.”
StatesmenPAC seeks men and women willing and able to shoulder the responsibility for the future. PSBtxt seeks both candidates and to empower the grassroots. Imagine, if you will, the ability to respond to a text, shaping the national debate.

Text JOHNADAMS to 33733 and PSBTXT to 33733 to become part of the movement to restore prosperity to America.

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