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Are Healthcare Compacts the Answer to Obamacare

Actual affordable healthcare is one of the key issues I feel can be addressed. has a thoughtful article on an interstate compact called The Health Care Compact that is worth debating and exploring:

by Leo Linbeck III

There is no need, at this point, to belabor the problems with the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Suffice it to say that millions of Americans have been negatively impacted by the new law, and that number will grow in the coming months and years.

The question now is what to do about it. Democrats are dividing into two camps: those who want to stand by the President’s signature achievement until the bitter end, and those who are running from Obamacare, trying to save their political careers.

At the same time, Republicans are just trying to stay out of the way. Having voted against the bill, regained control of the House in its wake, and attempted to repeal the ACA multiple times, they are enjoying their moment of vindication. They rightfully fear that any attempt to “fix” Obamacare will allow Democrats and the media to portray them as “co-owning” any problems that occur downstream. And there will be more problems.

But while the Republicans are in a much stronger position than they were at the time of the government shutdown, they are still in a strategic quandary. On the one hand, Obamacare is exacting a very real human toll in the country, and the longer they stand aside doing nothing, the more they will be painted as insensitive and unresponsive to the damage. And many voters, in the midst of a personal crisis, don’t really care who caused the problem. They just want it fixed.

On the other hand, once Republicans provide specifics on the “replace” part of their “repeal and replace” plan, Democrats will switch from defense to offense. If history serves as a guide, we can expect Republicans to propose a policy cooked up in one of the top Washington DC conservative think tanks: Cato, Heritage, AEI, Manhattan, etc. Or perhaps they will dust off Rep. Paul Ryan’s free market plan for reforming health care. But no matter its provenance, their plan will be perceived as pushing a “conservative” solution for the country, designed and implemented in Washington, DC.

Such a move, once made, will put Democrats back on their home court, attacking Republican plans as heartless and greedy. And these attacks will continue into the 2014 election cycle.

So what can be done? Well, it might help to ask, “If you had to come up with the ideal plan going forward, what would it look like?” It might have the following elements:


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