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America Will Not Fail, Watch and See

The day always comes where we believe we cannot go on. It often seems this fight for America is being lost on a daily basis, but nothing could be further from the truth. I assure you, the battle is being carried out and we will restore prosperity and balance to America. As this battle is waged, every good candidate found will need the support of the nation to win. From coast to coast I call on the grassroots of America to take action and support these candidates by opting into their campaigns, donating what you can ($3 to $199), it really is the battle America must be engaged in. I urge you to watch these particular candidates over the next twelve months and see if I am not proven right:

Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate, Kentucky
Dan Bongino for U.S. Congress, Maryland -- Text BONGINO to 33733 to support him.
Bill Both for House District 22, Utah -- Text BOTH to 33733 to support him.
Craig Bowden for U.S. Congress, Utah -- Text BOWDEN to 33733 to support him.
Bill Connor for U.S. Senate, South Carolina
John Stevens for House District 57, Utah -- Text STEVENS to 33733 to support him.
Rob Maness for U.S. Senate, Louisiana
Ben Sasse  for U.S. Senate, Nebraska
Ryan Zinke for U.S. Congress, Montana
Tim Donnelly for Governor, California

As the months go on, I will add more candidates I think bear watching and supporting to the "Candidates to Watch" in the blog sidebar. So visit often as they are added. Read this quote as often as needed to keep your spirits up, and share this MEME far and wide.

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