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Day 2: Moneybomb for Yeah Samake

Day 2 ‎Moneybomb, will you help Mali? This is ‎Yeah Samake, and he speaks of one of the very strong reasons I've chosen to support his bid to be president of ‎Mali. Text YEAH to 50502 to donate $1 to $5,000, every amount helps. Watch and see why he is the one to lead Mali out of poverty. Can you open your hearts to help in a very small way? From small contributions come huge things. Help Mali free itself by supporting Yeah Samake.


"A victory is not just an election. A victory is to make Mali a model of change, of success. What Mali needs is an awakening. But I cannot do it without help." ~ Yeah Samake, Candidate for president of Mali.

Mr. Samake was a presidential candidate in 2012 until the election was derailed by a coup in response to the government’s lack of support in the face of the radical militant invasion of Mali. This month, finally, the election is moving forward and Yeah has the opportunity to do for his nation what he did for his home town.

As a BYU graduate, Yeah took the principles he learned in America back home to help his people. As Mayor of Ouélessébougou he took hold of his town’s governance and its economic growth rocketed from a poor ranking of 699 out of 703, to a current top ten position within one term. He increased Ouélessébougou’s tax collection rate from below 10% to a prosperous 68% by increasing citizen participation and transparency through a tribal council system he set up, and by challenging the culture of corruption. His successes earned him the respect of his peers and led to his appointment as vice president of the League of Mayors.

Learn more about him here (website) and watch this video, Yeah Samake: Restoring Democracy to Mali.

Then participate in the Moneybomb for Yeah Samake going on now! As we celebrate our independence, let's help the people of Mali find theirs. Text YEAH to 50502 to donate. 

Why should you help?

Mali is rich in resources! Its people should be wealthy.

Mali’s secular government has been targeted by jihadists. Their intention is to force Sharia Law in this poverty-stricken nation. We, as Americans have a unique opportunity, to assist in bringing freedom and prosperity to this impoverished nation in a region that is desperate for the benefits that come from principled government. If he wins the election on July 28th, Yeah Samake has pledged to do for Mali what he did as Mayor of Ouélessébougou, only this time bringing prosperity to his entire nation. We have a rare opportunity to effect this profound change for a nation that teeters between freedom and liberty or disease and poverty, through peaceful means. Please lend your financial support.

As America approaches her 237th birthday, we will enjoy our long since hard fought freedoms by watching fireworks, having BBQs with loved ones and cheering at parades. But we can do a much greater work by assisting the people of Mali attain the freedom we have enjoyed for so long. Celebrate liberty with this rare opportunity by joining two organizations which have stepped up to help. On July 28th the presidential elections in Mali will finally take place. The Statesmen PAC and STAND4UT are launching a Moneybomb on July 5th, 6th and 8th for Yeah Samake, in his last push to fund his election effort. How can you help?

It is simple. Yeah Samake, STAND4UT, and StatesmenPAC ask you to: Text the keyword YEAH to 50502 and donate any amount from $1 up. That’s it.

It isn’t often we can help one of the poorest nations in the world rise out of poverty. Yeah Samake is dedicated to raising his people up. We struggle to maintain the American Dream. Let us do this one small thing to help the people of Mali.

Donate to Yeah Samake by texting YEAH to 50502, you'll receive a text back with a link to donate any amount, from $1 to $5,000, every little bit helps.. We have been blessed in America with more wealth and prosperity than any other nation in the world. We have been given the opportunity and the ability to help Mali.

Let us engage in this wonderful cause of liberty!

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