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Week Ending at News Corner USA 9 December 2012

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Sex, Adultery and the Military by Jeffrey Denning

Should soldiers be punished for extramarital affairs? Should adultery be removed from the Uniform Code of Military Justice? "I'm going to kill him! I'm going to track him down and kill him!" Those were the words of a man I served with in war. While we were overseas, his wife confessed that she had been having an affair. "That guy's been sleeping in my bed," exclaimed the soon to be tenured soldier just before we were to leave Iraq. (3 December 2012)
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Humor by Susan Curtis

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to face the ultimate truth: she is no longer young enough to flirt her way out of a ticket. I have known, of course, for at least two decades and change that I am past my prime when it comes to this important challenge. To add insult to injury, various members of my family to whom I may or may not have given birth have suggested at times that I drive like an old lady, so who can blame me for occasionally trying to prove them wrong? When I was pulled over recently for speeding, I was secretly proud of my geriatric Jeep for being able to go that fast. However, I didn't think the officer was impressed. I needed a strategy, fast! (1 December 2012)


Youth Violence and Crime by Alvin Salima

Youth violence and crime affect a community's economic health, as well as individuals' physical and mental health and well-being. Homicide is the second leading cause of death for youth in our country. In 2008, more than 656,000 young people, ages 10-24, were treated in emergency departments for injuries sustained from violence. Each neighborhood and community has unique experiences with violence and different resources available to them. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preventing youth violence. (4 December 2012)
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The Right Way and The Wrong Way by Candace Salima

This is a funny time to be living in America. We stand on the precipice of a fiscal cliff while Washington, D.C. blithely plays "politics as usual." Your average American would assume that every elected and appointed official would be furiously working away, twenty hours a day at minimum, finding the solution to the United States' out-of-control spending. That average American would be wrong. Barack Obama just embarked on a $4 million vacation with this family, leaving Congress to deal with the mess. America is over $16 trillion in debt, $5 trillion of which was added by the Obama Administration alone, with growth to GDP at a dismal 2.7%. In case you're wondering, we need a bare minimum of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) to growth of 4% in order to maintain a healthy economy. (4 December 2012)


What is Democracy? The Greater Good? The Greater Greed? by Cash Case

The first legal challenges to Obamacare rested on constitutional principles, but a new effort out of Oklahoma goes after the cogs that make the law function. State attorney general Scott Pruitt is trying to block the Internal Revenue Service from imposing fees on employers and individuals who don’t comply with the law’s mandates. In doing so, he may create a way for other states to fight back against the federal government’s top-down management of health care. If the suit succeeds, the law will not be invalidated, but if enough states choose to opt out, the resulting lack of funds could make Obamacare’s financial structure untenable. (5 December 2012)
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Bright Gifts by Donna Goff

8 Gifts that Engage Children, Youth, and Families. Christmas is just a few weeks away! Are you looking for Christmas gifts for children or youth? Stores are brimming this time of year. Books, toys and gadgets are heavily promoted. Sadly, many of these things are more trendy twaddle (silly or trivial) and many are enduring or memorable. Would you like to change things up? (5 December 2012)
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Early America: Live Free or Die by Siska De Young

Benjamin Franklin is famous for his sense of humor. In 1751, he wrote a satirical commentary in his Pennsylvania Gazette suggesting that as a way of thanking the Brits for their policy of sending convicted felons to America, American colonists should send rattlesnakes to England. (5 December 2012)


Parents and the Drug Trap by Muriel Sluyter
We seem to be losing almost an entire generation of our most valuable asset, our own children. A truly astonishing percentage of today’s parents are drug users, and the chance that their offspring will avoid that drug trap is problematic at best. They love their parents and have a desperate need to justify a parent’s drug habit. Worse yet, drug-addicted parents justify their own behavior by poo-pooing the culture’s indictment of drug use at every possible opportunity. (6 December 2012)
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Obamacare and it's Effects on America

Patrick Holman (L) - Obamacare is Here to Stay - The idea that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or, “Obamacare,” is somehow an infringement on personal liberties or the Constitution is an inaccurate opinion for people to hold. Yes, it’s an opinion, but that doesn’t mean somebody can’t be right or wrong just because we regard any statements or thoughts as their own view. Especially when in this situation, people need to stand up and fight for the right thing. (7 December 2012
Gerald Hand (R) - Obamacare: The Taxman Cometh - All I can say is THANK GOODNESS OBAMACARE is here! I mean, like the noted genius Jamie Foxx recently was quoted as saying "Obama is our lord and savior", and to have a program rolled out to the masses that is going to be so good we have to wait until 2014 for it, and our illustrious Senators and Representatives are excluded from this coverage. But why would anyone want to not be covered by this bill? (6 December 2012)


To Dream or Not to Dream by Tevita Tonga Toutai

The election is over and yet the biggest issue on leading Republican minds is that of immediate immigration reform. The new focus is on granting amnesty versus addressing our debilitating economic situation. Republicans are willing to sacrifice their values and stance on immigration to gain popularity with minorities.Unfortunately, Democrats have already settled into that role of promising the world and continuing to tease minorities with mere crumbs unworthy of consumption. The merry-go-round is spinning out of control causing reality to wobble as if it could maintain this unconventional angle. (7 December 2012)
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Music - Jessie Funk

An accomplished musician and performer, Jessie Funk also holds a leadership certification from the University of Notre Dame and serves as a certified life coach as well. She has released five solo albums, published five books, has toured 36 states with the Broadway musical “Footloose,” has performed for former Vice-President Dick Cheney, as an opening act for Donny Osmond, Josh Grayson and Billy Dean and she has toured with Broadway sensation Maureen McGovern. She has also been hired for hundreds of recording sessions as a studio vocalist including songs heard on TV’s “America’s Got Talent” and “The Biggest Loser.”


Movie Corner: Playing for Keeps (2012) by Candace Salima

Playing for Keeps is the story of a washed up soccer player whose failed at everything he's tried since his last professional game, including his marriage to Jessica Biel's character. Fast forward to weeks before Stacie (Jessica Biel) is marrying someone else and George comes back into his son's life. As he hits up old friends trying to find a broadcasting job, he finds himself coaching his son's soccer team, which turns out to be something he's actually good at.
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News Corner USA EDITORIAL: A Nation Remembers by Candace Salima

On December 7 of 1941 the United States of America was attacked, without provocation, by the Empire of Japan. Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressed a shocked and grieving nation:
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Book Review: The First Prophet by Candace Salima

The First Prophet is the first book in a new Bishop Files Novel trilogy. Kay Hooper's new offering is stunning in her ability to continually come up with fresh new stories in this fascinating series about a psychic department within the FBI. That being said, that psychic department rarely comes up in the book, although a couple of characters do show up off and on.
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Suicide and Bullying, Who's Responsible? by Erin Apelu

The weather was unusually warm for December, but the afternoon felt normal. Not long after the bell rang, Bennion Jr. High students emerged from the doors that held them prisoner for the past six hours and spread like lava across the hibernating lawn. Close by on the sky bridge, where students hurried over the bustling road towards their homes, fourteen-year-old David Phan pulled out a gun from his backpack and fatally shot himself in the head in front of his friends. (9 December 2012)

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