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What Might Have Been

Had America not been so stupid, this is the article that would have been published at midnight on November 6, 2012. Had 60+ million colossally deceived and deliberately ignorant people not chosen Barack Obama the DOW wouldn't have dropped and 25 and counting companies would not have begun mass layoffs.

The article is simply to good to just delete, instead I'd like to consider that life could have been better for the next four years instead of the economic disaster we are headed for and exceedingly tough times. I'm feeling just snarky enough to want every single person who voted for Barack Obama to be forced to pay down the National Debt. So I took the national debt at 9:15 p.m. MST and divided it by 61,678,367, that's how many idiots voted for Barack Obama. Since you chose socialism, you now own the National Debt in its entirety. So by December 31, 2012 you must pay the federal government $263,405.90. Should work since you're so convinced that Barack Obama did a good job, you must all be rich by now.

In the meantime, this is the article that should have published on November 6, 2012.

by Candace Salima, Senior Contributor, US Daily Review


President-Elect Mitt Romney has won with 53% of Americans casting their vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket, and with that, America wins too. Last night, this nation definitively rejected the radical ideologies of the liberal left in America, and embraced the Republic created by the Founding Fathers in 1776. That may seem rather dramatic, but it really was that simple. Big Government, tax hikes and big spending versus states rights, and a smaller, leaner, more efficiently run government.

Mitt Romney asked us to "vote for love of country" and that's just what America did today. He went on to say, "I will not only take office on January 20th of 2013, I will take responsibility." This is the president America deserves.

This has been an election campaign like no other with your regular, every day Americans striking out across the nation to teach others about the wisdom of Mitt Romney's path to prosperity. Even more were on the phones day and night talking to potential voters across the nation. Americans went up against the Obama Machine and walked away with a win in the Romney/Ryan ticket.

State by state chose Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to lead the United States out of the economic quagmire we find ourselves in, and back on the path to prosperity. Romney has a 5-Point Plan, which was slimmed down from a 59-Point Plan, laid out to get America back on track:

1. Energy Independence
2. Helping Americans Gain the Necessary Skills to Succeed
3. Trade Agreements that work for, rather than hurt, America
4. Cut Deficit spending
5. Champion Small Business

These are the areas Mitt Romney hopes to sit down with Congress, pound out the nitty gritty details, and convince them to see things his way. For now, 53% of America is celebrating like we've been given a reprieve, and we have. Let's not squander this opportunity.

So, what are others saying?
"This election was about saving the very soul of America. Two foes fought. One, Barack Obama, was bound and determined to bring America to her knees. The other, President-Elect Mitt Romney, just as determined to not only save America, but to elevate her to her rightful place in the world. President-Elect Mitt Romney is the personification of what America is all about. Hard working, sacrificing, charitable, compassionate and above all a leader in the world today. The right man for the job has been elected. Way to go America for seeing through the facade of Barack Obama and seeing the true knight in shining armor! " L.S. Keilbart, Children's Author (MT)
"America has voted to implement a positive change with a proven leader. Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and work together in restoring the integrity and honor of this great nation. We have so much to do, but I now have a greater hope in the future. I honestly believe that, like our forefathers, Washington, Jefferson, & Lincoln, God has prepared Mitt Romney to lead us into an era of greater prosperity. God bless America! " Melanie Fox (UT)
"The victory of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan has helped to restore my belief in America and enables me as an immigrant to dream of the possibilities once again. We are now pointed in the right direction that will lead us as a nation back to our founding principles, renewing our confidence in the future. These last four years have been dismal with no appearance of the hope and change we were initially promised in ’08. Americans are now awake and fully engaged as we have taken our country back. Let’s begin working to restore this great nation to its former glory as the shining city upon the hill." Tevita Toutai (CA)
"As somebody who supported Ron Paul until the Republican National Convention, it made more sense that Mitt Romney would be the preferred choice in the general election against Barack Obama. Despite any differences between Congressman Paul and Governor Romney, they are closer aligned when it comes to the issues they do agree on. Romney has expressed his own criticism of the Federal Reserve and makes the case for states' rights, two issues that Ron Paul has focused on throughout his Congressional career. One would hope that Governor Romney sticks to these ideas and promises during his upcoming Administration.

This was an important election, and a decision had to be made by America. We know what that decision was, and we can only hope for the best over the next four years." Patrick Holman-Hart (UT)
"I'm elated for Romney's election, yet I'm proud that patriots across America stopped Obama's attack on success and his power grab against states' rights and constitutional freedoms. Capitalism is economic freedom that has proven to be the strength of our economy. It relies on the hard-working competitiveness of free people. America's best days are before us." Sheriff Paul Babeu (AZ, National Sheriff of the Year)
And across the Pond?
"Things do not happen, they are made to happen. And I have full faith that Mitt Romney will be the best president, not only for the United States of America, that the world has ever seen!" Marja van Overdijk-Smulders (Netherlands)
America has a new President-Elect, we stand on the precipice of financial ruin, and as for me, I'm glad America chose a man with the necessary skills to turn this great lady around, fanning the flames of liberty once again.

May I remind the American people that our job is not done, in fact, it's never done. Now we keep a close eye on Washington, D.C. to make sure things start changing to getting America back on solid footing. Make sure you stay in contact with your elected officials, and that includes Mitt Romney.

Copyright 2012. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.

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