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OPSEC Hits the Obama Administration Hard

The pending broadcast of SEAL Team Six on National Geographic has been heavily edited by Harvey Weinstein to feature a prominent Barack Obama, although he was decidedly absent during the planning and execution process. It has been reported that he was left out of the Osama bin Laden raid until SEAL Team Six was well past the point of no return. That, however, has not stopped Obama from spiking the bin Laden football a number of times as if he'd accompanied the SEALs into the compound and fired the bullets that killed bin Laden himself.

OPSEC, a organization comprised of former special forces and intelligence officers, has taken exception to the loose lips of the Obama Administration which resulted in the deaths of a large crew of Navy SEALs in Afghanistan a week or two after the killing of Osama bin Laden. Angry that SEAL Team Six has been re-edited to a false set of events, OPSEC has released this ad.

According to a press release, the ad seeks to “hit the Obama Administration for not telling the truth about the attacks in Libya that cost the U.S. Ambassador, two former SEALs and another U.S. diplomat their lives while also having politicized the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.” 

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