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DNC Removes God from the Platform

While watching the Democratic National Convention, I lasted all of 60 seconds. The lies flew so frequently I simply couldn't take it anymore. The DNC is now the most anti-God, anti-traditional family, anti-American, anti-Business political party in the history of America. I tried listening to several of the speakers, even Michelle Obama, but it was a no go. My BS meter was in the red and screaming bloody murder. I had to change the channel, several times. It was like a train wreck. I didn't want to watch but I kept going back. It wasn't pretty, I have to admit.

Remember, the Obama Administration and the DNC have prevaricated at every turn, playing fast and loose with the truth. The economy is in the toilet, although you'll notice Barack Obama is claiming the economy is stabilized. Nearly 53 million Americans on welfare, 23 million Americans on unemployment, record high bankruptcies and business closures, cost of living escalating through the roof, median wealth of American families shrinking by $4,800, all on Barack Obama's watch; and what do the Democrats want to do? Yesterday, the DNC formally removed God from their platform, and formally embraced gay marriage. Oh, and how could I forget. They want to spend more money, completely oblivious to the fact that the United States of America national debt has now topped $16 trillion, $6 trillion of which is directly attributed to the Obama Administration.

So today, I give you the two men who have literally become the hope of America, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney has proven to be a man of integrity, courage, strength and a backbone of steel. Paul Ryan has proven to be a man of equal stature. And both have proven time and time again that they know how to fix the American economy. So listen and notice the stark difference between the GOP and the DNC.

And certainly, one of my favorite speeches of the entire GOP convention, except for Mitt Romney's, was Senator Marco Rubio.

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