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Generosity & Sweetness Still Exists in America

Today my heart has been so deeply touched. Businesses have signed up to to buy lunches for their employees: Which 'Wich, Mt. America Credit Union, Liberty Academy, PC Laptop and more. In addition, as the day grows closer (a mere five days away) more people are pre-ordering their plates. It is my hope we can sell upward of 400 plates, and we're 130 to that goal.

But last week something wonderful happened that touched my heart so deeply! A cousin of Alvin's lives out of state but wanted to help. So she is sending money for four plates and asked us to find a family in need to give the plates to. We found a young single mother (she lost her husband to pornography) with three young children to gift these plates to.

I posted this on an update because my heart is so full over this sweet gesture. Then another Facebook friend said, "What a wonderful idea, I want to do this too." And here we go. It is a chance to help my sweet, wonderful husband whom I adore, and to help a family in need of a treat on Saturday. I wanted to share this story with all of you, because so many have asked what they can do.

If you are out of state and would like to purchase plates, you may Paypal us the money to with specific instructions that you would like it to go to a family need. Alvin, Kai and I will find a family and deliver the food to them. If they agree, we will post a picture of them so that you may see the joy this has brought. Each plate is $10.00 filled with Kalua pig, teriyaki chicken, teriyaki burger, rice, salad and your choice of guava cake or devil's food cherry delight cake.

God bless, and thank you so much for putting a huge smile on our faces!

Alvin & Candace Salima

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