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Turning the Tide: The Worldwide Persecution of Christians

It was an eye-opening show for me. I had the opportunity to sit down with David Rubin, the author of The Islamic Tsunami and Ben Cohen, a journalist for The Huffington Post and PJTV (and quite a few other publications) to discuss the persecution of Christians worldwide. I was stunned to find, while researching, that 75% of persecutions worldwide are against Christians.

In Bethlehem, arguably the crade of Christianity, Christians have been driven from there. At one point 80% of the city was Christian, with the rule of the Palestinian Authority, it has been driven down to 15%. David Rubin and I discussed this and the status of Christians and Jews in the eyes of Islam.

Then Ben Cohen joined me and we discussed the tragic Christmas Day Massacre in Nigeria. It is an eye-opening show that must be shared with the world. No religion should be allowed to persecute another, or to force conversion or retention. The freedom of religion is a sacrosanct right from God, and we must have a world that allows that for every human being.

Listen in and see if you don't agree:

David Rubin Interview, Part 1

David Rubin Interview, Part 2

Ben Cohen Interview, Part 3

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Enduring the end means we must fight until the war is won, not stop off a single battle's victory.We must not surrender. We must not give up until we have restored the U.S. Constitution, and America is standing proud again, her flag waving above her fruited plains, Rocky Mountains and glorious lakes, canyons and deserts. This is what we fight for, the American Dream and a brighter future for the children of America. We must never, ever surrender.

There are so many aspects to the salvation of America, not the least of which is to never turn our backs on our God. We are a Judeo Christian nation, and always have been. The Founding Fathers were Christians, and tied the preservation of the U.S. Constitution and America to always remembering the providence of God.

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