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Turning the Tide: The Preservation of America

Today's show focused on a couple of different areas, Rep. Ken Sumsion's run for the governor of Utah, and Janie Johnson's book Don't Take My Lemonade Stand.

I had the opportunity to really explore Rep. Sumsion's stand on public land use, education, and making Utah a business friendly environment.

“My number one priority as Governor will be to fund education in Utah by gaining access to the trillions of dollars worth of oil and minerals buried beneath our public lands,” said Sumsion. “I am passionate about this fight that would make Utah a leader in energy production, create jobs for Utahns, and benefit all of our children’s education.

Then I had a delightful 30 minutes with author, Janie Johnson. Her book Don't Take My Lemonade Stand drew praise from industry giants such as:

"If kids had read this book a generation ago, we would be in the mess we're in today." Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine

"Often the best education for youngsters comes outside the classroom, especially when learning the foundational precepts America rests on. This may be a book for children, but their parents can benefit from it as well." Ambassador John Bolton, FoxNews Contributor

Rep. Ken Sumsion Interview, Part 1

 Rep. Ken Sumsion Interview, Part 2

 Janie Johnson Interview

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