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US Daily Review: The Death Knell of a Nation, Part 2

US Daily Review
posted on 14 September 2011

by Candace Salima, contributor to US Daily Review

An illiterate nation is a third world nation. Yes, the current political climate is insane, the economy even more so. Our southern border is so porous entire classes of criminals waltz back and forth over the border without hesitation, taking over American border towns without a single shot fired. The governors of the border states pay no attention. The law enforcement agencies pay no attention. Our president ignores the situation. These illegal immigrants can’t speak English, let alone read it. But portions of our American government want to give them the right to vote so they can choose that man, or woman, who will give them the most stuff. God forbid they should actually work to improve themselves, their situations and circumstances. How could they start? By learning English, but no, they want everyone to learn Spanish so they don’t have to stretch themselves or their minds. They’ve come to America, learn to read and speak English.

Americans need to start reading. Fiction, nonfiction, I don’t care. Certainly, readers of fiction think outside the box, tend to reach further and accept fewer limitations, but read . . . I don’t care what. (Okay, scratch that. I’d be forever grateful if you would forego Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. That’s just drivel.) If every American today had read the works of the Founding Fathers, studied the U.S. Constitution and thrown their all into living up to the responsibilities and privileges of being an American we wouldn’t be in trouble right now. However, most Americans haven’t read the U.S. Constitution. Most Americans have never looked past the first few lines of the Declaration of Independence where we told the King of England . . . see ya!

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US Daily Review: The Death Knell of a Nation, Part 2 US Daily Review: The Death Knell of a Nation, Part 2 Reviewed by Candace Salima on Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Rating: 5