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The Water Park of Terror

I have to share this video, The Water Park of Terror. My brother-in-law is a hoot! Oh my gosh, the stories he tells. Well, my sister had the video camera on in the car and he shared an experience of when his brothers-in-law went down the waterslide with him ... yeah, there was damage. LOL. Oh my word, I was laughing so hard. So here's your break from politics, just 8 minutes, but ya gotta take 'em where you can get 'em!

Now here's something fun they are doing. Aaron and Heather are holding a contest. Whoever refers the most subscribers (and subscribing to the YouTube channel is FREE) to their YouTube Channel wins this amazing walking stick that Aaron, who is a master carver, carved. People covet his walking sticks, and he's giving one away to whomever sends the most subscribers. Here's the trick, if the people you refer don't leave a comment and say they were sent by you, you can't win. So get to laughing, subscribing, liking, and referring. There's a great walking stick that just may be yours!

NOTE: Apparently this video does show up on the Turning the Tide Mobile App, so click on the YouTube Channel link in the above paragraph and watch the video that way.

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