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Turning the Tide with Candace Salima now on All Fired Up Radio!

So here we are, Saturday morning and I am prepping for the first airing of Turning the Tide with Candace Salima! Two days ago, my weekend show, which hadn't even begun, was added to the All Fired Up Radio! network of radio shows, joining other great hosts such as James S. Robbins, Sheryl Devereaux, Bea Wilson and more! My 30 minute radio show went from 30 minutes to 2 hours. One quick call to Boyd Matheson, my guest this morning, and he agreed to do two hours instead of 30 minutes, and considering the topic, the messaging failure of the conservative movement, it's a good thing!

So there is now a NEW link to listen to Turning the Tide with Candace Salima, I hope to have you all join me, contribute to the conversation, etc. as we explore the conservative movement and how to bring this baby home over the next 12 months! The widget to the side of this post will enable you to listen right from this blog as you peruse my posts!

When: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. MDT
Who: Candace Salima speaks with Fortune 500 strategist on messaging, marketing and branding, Boyd Matheson
Call in number: (646) 478-3519
How many lines are open: 5

Episode Title: Turning the Tide with Marketing Strategist, Boyd Matheson

Candace Salima welcomes Boyd Matheson, the founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Trillium Strategies.
We will discuss the branding, marketing, and messaging of the Conservative movement, where they are failing and where they are successful.
Boyd is a recognized leader in the fields of strategic communication, branding, corporate culture, leadership excellence, change management, and human development. For nearly 20 years he has worked as a consultant, author, strategist, and performance coach with global companies like Disney, Symantec, Chevron, Texaco, Visa and Motorolla, along with thought leaders like Dr. Denis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and Stephen Covey.

Boyd knows how legendary businesses are created, the power of the story, brand building and the need for developing a communication strategy equal to your business strategy. Boyd has a wealth of experience as an entrepreneurial coach, executive advisor and business strategist. He is the author of the compelling books “A Champion Live Within,” “Put Yourself on Paper,” and “Attitude is Everything.” He has also produced numerous audios, videos, DVDs and webcasts, and is a frequent contributor to magazines, newspapers and websites with articles on a wide array of business issues.

Boyd is an exceptional strategist with a history of delivering extraordinary results.

Boyd's company Website:

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