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I'm a Mobile App!

I have to tell you, life is changing at such a rapid pace these days I can scarcely keep up, but I'm loving every second of it! Let's go over the changes, briefly:
  1. I'm leaving Buy Back America on Friday. It has been a wonderful eight months and I have enjoyed my time as Tim Aalders co-host. I support 100% the Declaration of Restoration, and will continue to promote however I am able to do so. So much so, I have agreed to be an Ambassador of the Declaration of Restoration. I thank Tim for the time given me on KTALK AM 630 in Utah with Buy Back America.
  2. I've launched my radio show called Turning the Tide with Candace Salima on BlogTalkRadio's All Fired Up! Radio Network. Meaning, my 30 minute Saturday morning show is now two hours and being transitioned, over the next three weeks, to Monday through Friday three hours a day. I'm really excited for my association with All Fired Up! Radio and am looking to great days ahead with them.
  3. I am now a regular contributor to US Daily Review, writing opinion pieces and book/movie/TV reviews. My articles will be published several times a week, and it is an exciting new venture for me.
  4. And last, but certainly not least in any way, shape, or form - I'm now a Mobile App! How cool is that! I find that slightly hysterical but very cool. Conduit Mobile was the vehicle I chose to create the App, supported on all formats, called Turning the Tide with Candace Salima. It streams in my blog posts, tweets, FB posts and my radio show. So you can download the Mobile App now, click here.
It's a new day for Candace Salima, and who would have ever thought this direction was ever possible. Yet, here I am. So let me close with this, the American Dream is not dead, nor will it ever be. Sometimes, it just takes longer to achieve. If we believe in ourselves, remember our history and what America has conquered in her relatively new history, remember that we've overcome everything and we will overcome this too? Then we will win America back.

Copyright 2011. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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