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The Declaration of Restoration by Buy Back America Radio

Many of you know that I am now a permanent co-host on KTALK AM 630's Buy Back America Radio. We have been involved in a monumental project, the Declaration of Restoration. We based it on the Declaration of Independence, but want a restoration to our founding principles, hence the Declaration of Restoration.

We will be taking this message across America on a 33-city bus tour, ending up in Washington, D.C. on July 4th to personally deliver our message. We ask Americans to unite behind this message and let's insure the restoration of this nation we love so much.

May God bless America and this incredible effort of her restoration.

If you cannot see this video, please go to and see the video for yourself. Here is the official message from the Buy Back America Radio team.

Our Fellow Americans,

People across America might disagree with certain areas of politics, but we can all agree on one fact: politicians on both the federal and state levels continue to disappoint and let us down. The team at Buy Back America Radio recognizes we have our differences, but that we also need to unite to let politicians know that business as usual in Washington, and across this great country, is no longer accepted.

Each election year, billions of dollars are donated to both sides of the political landscape from special interests and corporations. To combat this, the Buy Back America Radio team created a document called the Declaration of Restoration. They plan on traveling across country, gathering support and signatures, to deliver this Declaration into the hands of the politicians in our capital city. But they could use your help.

Americans need to stand up for what is right. We ask you to do three things.

1. Join other Americans and sign the Declaration of Restoration at It’s simple, easy, and will help show that we are united.

2. Help us make this journey by making a contribution. We plan on visiting Main Street USA and filming a documentary about the issues Americans are concerned about.

3. Please share this with friends, family, and neighbors. We need everyone’s help.

Thank you,
Buy Back America Radio

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This is an exciting time for America. Tim Aalders and I, with the entire Buy Back America team, are inviting Americans to unite behind the Declaration of Restoration and make sure we are successful in the restoration of America.

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