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Barack Obama: Part Two

Well, if those words don't strike terror into your heart, you haven't been paying attention over the last 2 1/2 years. Barack Obama announced this morning that he is running for the President of the United States of America, again. 

Looking back over everything I learned about Barack Obama in the last presidential campaign (just go down to the Labels and you will find 72 blog posts about Barack Obama, his administration or the unholy triumvirate formed between Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi,) and adding it to everything we have seen and learned since January 20th of 2008 ... I shudder to think of another four years under the inept, and grossly dangerous, leadership of Barack Hussein Obama.

His campaign slogan went back and forth between "Yes we can," which was answered by the American people with "Hell no, please don't!" and his response was an endless chant of "Hope and Change."

Well, we got change alright, but the hope ... that's on vacation and is not expected back as long as Barack Obama is in office and the U.S. Senate is under control of the Harry Reid and the "spend 'til we die" Democrats. Under the worst leadership this nation has ever seen, we were the unhappy recipients of:

T.A.R.P. (begun by George w.  Bush and happily finished by Barack Hussein Obama.) - This almost $1 trillion dollar package quickly went to banks overseas, to U.S. banks under the condition they begin lending to American businesses again, but no, that never happened. And of course, Utah's former senator, Bob Bennett, decided there should be no oversight of T.A.R.P. Which was one of the worst decisions made on par with Obamacare. And of course, it went on to pay for AIG, General Motors and other "too big to fail" companies, some of which failed anyway, with the taxpayers' money. Instead of revitalizing the economy, it sunk it further into debt.

Did that stop Obama and the Democrats? Oh no, they were just getting started. Next they started on Obamacare ... by the time the 111th Congress passed it and Obama signed it into law it was 2700+ pages of everything from funding abortions to end-of-life counseling for those over 55 to Obama's million man civilian army he so desperately wanted ... I guess to keep people like us from ever rising up and calling for the restoration of the U.S. Constitution, which our president calls a flawed document because it doesn't go far enough in the redistribution of wealth.

Omnibus and whatever else came down the pike, funded things like "Why do pigs stink?" Seriously? Give me the $100+ million and I can create thousands of jobs and I can tell you why pigs stink, they roll around in the mud, their feces and urine. That makes them stink. So hey, where's my money?

Barack Obama, as you remember, ordered Guantanamo Bay shut down within the first year of his administration. Now, I don't agree with the shutting down of Guantanamo, simply because it serves a military purpose and is a great place to keep enemy combatants, as well as try them. However, that is neither here nor there, Obama has not closed down Guantanamo to this day.

The Housing Marketing dropped to all time lows, and is growing worse every month. Unemployment soared up past 10%, although in reality it was over 20%. Stop to consider that unemployment levels are calculated by Unemployment claims...when those, drop economists consider things are getting better. But with 40 million Americans out of work, things are not getting better because people no longer qualify, or have given up, or continue to look and simply cannot find work. So Obama and his people can massage the numbers all they want, the reality is that America is in dire straits.

Now let's discuss illegal immigration. America's southern border is at war. Yes, there are some safe areas, the rest are at all out war. Pinal County, for instance, where Sheriff Paul Babeu runs the ship, had 650,000 illegal immigrants come through his county last year. Cartels have set up sniper blinds and take pot shots at Babeu's deputies. The cartels have also sent in groups of men into Babeu's county, who are hiding out in caves and spying on Americans. When those Americans leave their homes, these Cartel animals break in and steal food, weapons and electronics, simply what they need to survive. And the latest lovely thing they have added to their repertoire is the arming of their bundles of drugs. Yup, IEDs are now in those bundles. Unless the drug mule picks up that bundle first, any hiker, bandit or law enforcement office who finds will have it explode in their faces. 

So I ask you this? Does that sound safe to you? Because it doesn't to me. In the meantime, the Arizona state legislature passed SB1070, an immigration enforcement law. And what did Obama do? He ran to the United Nations, not the U.S. Congress, but he ran to the U.N. and tattled on Arizona, painting such a distorted picture of that state that the U.N. announced intentions of sending in people to see if illegal immigrants' rights were being violated. Here's the thing Obama, the United Nations has no authority in America. Not sure you're aware of that. There's this little thing here we call the balance of powers. 

The Founding Fathers set up a system of checks and balances which would preserve the Republic if not abused. You, our inept president, should have gone to the U.S. Congress if you had concerns about Arizona, who, by the way, did absolutely nothing wrong with S.B.1070. Running to the United Nations to tell on Arizona was proof positive that you have no idea what you are doing.

The only thing Barack Obama has been decisive about since becoming president is pushing his socialist agenda on the American people. He is one of the most dangerous ideologues out there. When the American people protested, screamed, yelled, called, emailed, wrote letters, sent faxes, showed up in person in unprecedented numbers, held protests over Obamacare and the runaway fiscal debt...he responded with, "I didn't explain it to the American people well enough. I just need to explain it better." He hadn't read the 2,700 pages of Obamacare, neither had anyone in Congress. The only people who read it were the American people and we were horrified by it. Utterly and completely horrified at what they were forcing on the American people. So we didn't need it explained to us. We needed it to go away. But he signed it into law anyway.

In the midst of the months and months of the writing, re-writing and shoving of Obamacare down the throats of the American people, Obama started in on Cap & Trade. He blithely ignored the one state, who had implemented Cap & Trade, and the consequences of their actions. Between the illegal immigrants devastating the economy and employment, Cap & Trade took energy costs and shot them skyway. California is so bankrupt they've been issuing IOUs to their citizens instead of tax returns. Obama gleefully rubbed his hands together and said, "Hey, let's try this nationwide."

Global warming was debunked, but that didn't slow Barack Obama down. On no, not OUR erstwhile president. Because Cap & Trade couldn't make it through the 111th Congress, the American people were livid of the $1 trillion price tag of Obamacare, and Congress finally figured out they were in deep water. So what did Barack Obama do? He told the Environmental Protection Agency to take everything in Cap & Trade and regulate it, thereby bypassing Congress. Energy prices are skyrocketing nationwide and the Obama Administration said they are not concerned and don't consider it a problem. Hey buddy, it's a problem for me.

Moving on, March 11, 2011 a 10.0 earthquake hit Japan, shortly followed by a devastating tsunami. Between the two, thousands are dead and multiple nuclear reactors are leaking radiation into the air and water. The entire island is contaminated. They cannot grow food, drink the milk from their cows or drink their water. Daily the situation grows worse. It took ten days for Barack Obama to say anything. One speech, that was it. In the meantime, I do not know how Japan can recover from this. The situation grows more and more dangerous, and this is the most dangerous, devastating thing to hit any nation in the history of the world, for the long-reaching ramifications are just as dangerous as the immediate.

Barack Obama harangued President Bush unceasingly about being in the Middle East and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He swore he would bring American troops home and end both wars. Here we are, the 4th of April in 2011 and American troops are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now we've added Libya and Obama is now eying Yemen. He is spreading war-weary American troops too thin and looking at the Middle East, siding with the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and turning on our time-tested ally Israel.

Before the earthquake, the Middle East began an historical meltdown...and not for the better. Obama sided with the people in Egypt. Now the "people" are demanding a Modesty Police. So much for democracy, which is always doomed to fail anyway, but that also is neither here nor there.

Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya ... ah yes, Libya. The U.N. called Barack Obama and told him to set up a No-Fly Zone in Libya because Qaddafi was bombing his own people. Did Barack Obama go to the U.S. Congress, as he is supposed to do, to get permission to go into Libya? No, he did not. Instead he again only recognized the authority of the United Nations and went in without telling Congress a thing, let alone the American people. We dropped $1 billion in bombs, although the nation is broke. And who are we defending, the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, for that is who is amongst the rebels pushing back against Qaddafi.

Barack Obama has done so much more than I have outlined here. What it all adds up to is he is the worst president in American history. We simply cannot survive another four years under an Obama presidency. So buckle up, the next 18 months are going to be a bumpy ride. This is a battle we cannot lose.

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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