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Representative Carl Wimmer Forms Exploratory Committee

Eyeing Utah''s brand new 4th Congressional Seat, Representative Carl Wimmer, co-founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus, has formed an exploratory committee. I'll admit, I am ecstatic. I have worked with Carl Wimmer on different issues over the years, worked with him on tea party issues and have watched as he has grown in a state representative with strong conservative values, a deep understanding of states' rights and a strong understanding of the law. A former police officer, as well as S.W.A.T., he has come to Utah's capitol and written, co-sponsored and fought for legislation which stands for the rights of the people.

As an example, since he came into public office, Carl has accomplished the following:

2007: During Carl's first year in office:

1 - He made child killers eligible for the death penalty.

2 - He increased the penalties for Child sex offenders, rapists, child kidnappers.

3 - He removed a loop hole that gang members were able to exploit if they shot someone during a drive-by shooting.

4 – He voted for and supported a $200 million dollar tax cut.

2008: Carl's second year in office:

1 - He removed the statute of limitations on all 1st degree felony sex offenses.

2 - He made it so teachers who sexually abuse a student would have their license revoked forever.

3 - He removed a loop hole for those who murder a child while in the course of "abusing them" which actually allowed for a lighter penalty.

4 - He passed a law making it illegal for a government or governmental official to confiscate weapons during a declared emergency. This was called "The Katrina Law" because after Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Police confiscated law abiding citizen’s weapons, leaving them defenseless.

5 - He co-sponsored a bill reigning in out-of-control state regulators who were harming small businesses.

6 – He passed the Jessica Lunsford Act, which increased the penalty for the three most brutal child sex offenses from a penalty of 3-to-life to a mandatory 25-to-life on a first offense, and life without parole on a second offense. He increased penalties for child kidnapping as well.

2009: Beginning of Carl's second term:

1 – He repealed draconian laws regulating the use of Automatic External Defibrillators. The deregulation of these AED’s has and will continue to save lives.

2 – He passed a bill requiring prison inmates to start paying for the majority of their own health care and college education. He also changed the curriculum for prisoners so they are working towards an actual skill, rather than a degree they may never use.

3 – He passed the unborn child pain prevention act. This requires doctors performing abortions to notify the mother of the baby’s ability to feel pain, and to offer an antithetic prior to the abortion. Just this information alone, reduces abortions dramatically.

4 – He passed a state constitutional amendment fighting the Obama/Big Labor card check law which Obama had promised to pass in the lame duck session this year. This law was called “one of the most important pieces of legislation in recent Utah history.” It protects a citizen and workers right to a secret and private ballot. Because of its passage, the U.S. Congress decided last minute to not consider card check in the lame duck session.

5 – He co-authored a bill allowing homeschooled children to participate in extracurricular activities in public schools.

6 – He co-authored TWO bills to increase funding for education without raising taxes.

7 – He co-sponsored a bill allowing law abiding citizens to carry a firearm in their car, without a permit.

2010 Latest session:

1 – He protected life by passing a law in response to the woman who was seven months pregnant and hired a man to beat her in an attempt to kill her baby. He made this action, as well as all “illegal abortions” a criminal homicide offense.

2 – He passed the law which blocked the Obama healthcare takeover. Carl's bill is what has given Utah standing in the lawsuit against Obamacare.

3 – He passed a law putting teeth into our previously useless custodial interference law. Many parents (especially fathers) were not being allowed to see their own children, even though there was a court order. I put teeth into the law, which now allows for prosecution for withholding visitation.

4 – He passed a law giving citizens the right to use force to defend their personal property.

5 – He passed a law which requires doctors who are performing an abortion, to allow the mother to have and see an ultrasound of the baby prior to her making a decision. This has been proven to reduce abortions.

6 – He passed a law requiring more transparency for colleges. They must now disclose where they get foreign donations from.

7 – He co-sponsored THREE education funding bills to the benefit of JSD. He co-sponsored and passed a bill which allowed more flexibility within the School District’s budget which allowed them to create teacher jobs without a tax increase.

8 – He co-sponsored and co-authored eleven state sovereignty pieces of legislation.

Carl is currently working on:

• A constitutional amendment to require 2/3 majority vote of any legislative body in order to raise taxes or fees.

• A Constitutional spending cap for state government

In addition to the legislation he has passed and authored, he is also:

• Chairman of the Utah Family Action Council which is the largest family values based coalition in Utah.

• The Co-founder and face of the Patrick Henry Caucus.

• Helped to found Utah United which is a coalition of GRASS ROOTS citizens and legislators who are working together to defend liberty.

• He has opposed ALL tax increases, and has stated he always will.

• He opposed every budget that has increased more than population growth and inflation.

This is why Carl Wimmer has my 100% support in exploring whether to run for Utah's 4th Congressional seat. He is precisely who Utah needs and will easily surpass the effectiveness of all of our current congressmen. In my own interactions with Representative Wimmer, I have walked away every time, completely confident that Carl would protect the Constitution with any and all legislation he wrote, co-sponsored or supported, in addition to those he would fight against. Carl has never let us down.

Little birdies are whispering to me that Carl will definitely run. My little birdies are never wrong, as such I'm putting a call out to all tea partiers and conservatives across this nation. We need help. The Democrats in Utah are going to go hard after this seat and I want Carl to be thoroughly "armed" in this race. 

This is what I know about political races. All conservatives are heavily attacked by liberals these days, I know that Carl is going to need every bit of support we can give him. I also know he has to raise a specific amount of money before the big guns such as Freedom Works and others will jump on board and help him financially and with visible support. So please help me, help Carl. Go to and donate what you can, be it $5.00 or the full $2,400 allowed by law in a single political cycle. Couples are allowed to donate a full $4,800. No corporations or businesses are allowed to donate, it must all come from private donations, like you and me. 

2012 is right around the corner. We've already seen Barack Obama positioning himself to run. Axelrod is leaving the White House, to set up and run Obama's second presidential run. We've had two years of Barack Obama's "America." It is not the America our Founding Fathers created. It is not the one the U.S. Constitution lays out. I have fought hard over the course of the last four years, even harder in the last two, to stop Barack Obama and the liberals from utterly destroying the America I know and love. 

I warned as many people as I could about Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Many people listened, many did not. But across America over 39,000,000 Americans stood up and said "No, more!" On November 2, 2010 the American people were heard. Shortly thereafter, Harry and Nancy went to work and passed legislation after legislation during the lame duck session. This legislation further burdened our debt, stripped us further of our constitutional rights, and increased the reach of the already burdensome federal government.

I don't want to wait. I want to get Carl in the position where he can make a good hard run for our 4th Congressional seat. Please, donate what you can. It is the first salvo in the upcoming battle.

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by Candace E. Salima.
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