Convention of Statesmen


It is my belief...

Those who sit on the sidelines of this great battle for America will suffer eternal consequences, of this I have no doubt. God gave us this promised land to protect and keep safe that His Gospel may go out to all the earth from a free land. We were given the charge to elect good, wise men and women or suffer the consequences of every other nation who has ever graced this earth. Our U.S. Constitution was divinely inspired by wise men the Lord raised up to this very purpose, the establishing of the United States of America. Should we squander this great and glorious gift given us the eternal consequences will be dire.

Those like you and me will continue to fight this great fight which began in heaven. We will protect the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the freedoms which are God-given: which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Barack Obama and his ilk stand in the way of these eternal gifts and the land that God gave us. We will fight, we will fight together.

Those who refuse to fight will enjoy the fruits of our labors never understanding how close we've come. But the angels of heaven record our actions and God will show favor upon those who did not go quietly into that good night, but instead stood to fight for His land, His gospel and His promises.

So hang in there, my fellow patriots. You have me and all those who stand with us. We are not nut jobs, but are of the type and personality of the 3% who fought the American Revolution and created us a nation. We will preserve it. We will win.

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