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Take Back Utah: Sagebrush Rebellion II

2009 Capital Parade and Rally

Utah Representative Mike Noel has been at the forefront of rallying Utah citizens to unite in a concentrated effort to take Utah back from the federal government. West of Denver, the federal government owns 65% of the land, east of Denver, 2%. In Utah, reports put it at close to 70% of our lands unavailable to our ranchers, farmers, energy development, recreational purposes, etc. Should the federal government return our lands to us, Utah's economy would explode and the economic crisis, for Utah, would be over.

From the Take Back Utah website:

"Too much of what makes Utah a great place to live and work has been taken from us. A cold war has been brewing in the Western United States for decades over the use of public land and resources. The Take Back Utah movement is a grass roots effort sponsored by many local and regional organizations. We are committed to responsible use of and access to public land in Utah. Did you know that when public land is closed to public access nearly every citizen of our state is harmed?

"Access is essential to many things that affect our quality of life. It even has an impact on funding available for Utah’s public education system. From issues of energy independence to the quality of our children's education, access to public land impacts us all.

"Our movement will send a loud and clear message to elected officials, government agencies, the general public and radical environmentalists that the people of our great state will not roll over and allow our state and quality of life to be taken from us. We will not allow federally managed land to be used as a political pawn at our expense. We will not allow a radical few to determine what land will remain accessible to the public. Finally we will not allow politicians to sit by and do nothing on these issues while we suffer at the mercy of a federal government that takes harmful actions against our citizens.

"Our government was designed to be by the people and for the people, but too many individuals and government agencies have forgotten or ignored these important foundational principles. This event will help change this.

If you care about taking back Utah from those who care little for our state and its citizens then join us for this important event. With thousands of united voices we the people can take the power back and better influence the way land is managed in Utah."

Please join us Saturday, August 8, 2009 at the rally and parade to Take Back Utah. The parade which will be comprised of Utah citizens in the form of ranchers, farmers, recreational, truckers, ATVers, motorbikers, etc. The parade will begin at Noon on 200 South State (the federal building) and continue to the Utah Capitol steps where the rally will be held. Please, join us in Taking Back Utah.

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Update: I will report on the tea party tomorrow. Feeling very sick right now!
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