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Healthcare from a Hollywood Horror Movie

That's pretty much what it boils down to. I feel like I'm trapped in a Hollywood Horror film. Those Americans who think this horrific healthcare legislation is a good idea are the stupid PYTs running around in their skimpy t-shirts about to walk down into the basement to "see what that noise was."

As I mentioned in "God where is thy justice?", this bill brings legislation into effect worthy of the most foul of dictators. Oh wait, I didn't mention that? You're right, instead I quoted the actual bill. Same thing.

First, I am completely aware Americans, yes ... you and I, cannot sustain the debt which will be brought about by this legislation, whether it be the one from the House or the Senate. On top of the $7,500 tacked onto every American's tax burden by the Recovery Act and the Cap & Trade bill (may they burn in hell for that one), this healthcare legislation, which has nothing to do with reform, adds an additional $4,700 per year to everyone of those American families. So yes, everyone is right ... we simply cannot afford this. We can't even afford what they've already done!

Yes, wealthy Americans can afford it ... whoop ti do. They aren't the ones that will be hurt by it ... middle America will cease to exist because it will legislate us into the poor house.

But let's step away from the cost and consider, morally, whether we SHOULD do this. The answer is unequivocal NO. Morally, this is one of the reprehensible pieces of legislation to ever cross Congress. With the insistance of abortion being performed by every healthcare facility, "end of life" or let's call a spade a spade -- "suicide counseling" for our elderly and their caretakers. May each of those legislators promoting this legislation burn in the deepest darkest corners of hell for those two things alone.

I urge you to read the House version for yourself. (You better get some chocolate, you're going to need it, before the Sin Tax goes into effect on sugar items.) I understand the Senate version is just as bad. I give you now, the names of the men responsible for the writing of this heinous legislation:

Henry A. Waxman, CA (202-225-3976)
John Dingell, MI (202-225-4071)
Charles B. Rangel, NY (202-225-4365)
George Miller, CA (202-225-2095)
Pete Stark, CA (202-225-5065)
Frank Pallone, Jr. NJ (202-225-4671)
Robert E. Andrews, NJ (202-225-6501)

Each of these men deserve to be stripped of their congressional offices, ostracized and sent home in abject shame to live on the streets of America for what they are trying to do. If they are yours, it is my hope and suggestion that you began an all out assault on their careers and assure none of them serves beyond the current term.

And let us not forget Nancy Pelosi who is the monster trying to intimidate, threaten or coerce Congress into getting this criminally inhumane bill out of committee and onto the floor for a vote:

Nancy Pelosi, CA (202-225-4965)

I ask that everyone who reads this blog call and tell these people, and I use the term loosely, what you think of this healthcare legislation calling for the elimination of our elderly and our unborn.

And here is the list of the Blue Dog Democrats standing between Americans and healthcare straight from a Hollywood movie. Please call them and let them and let them know you support their stance against this specific healthcare legislation.

Blue Dog Members

Jason Altmire, PA (202-225-2565)
Mike Arcuri, NY (202-225-3665)
Joe Baca, CA (202-225-6161)
John Barrow, GA (202-225-2823)
Marion Berry, AR (202-225-4076)
Sanford Bishop, GA (202-225-2203)
Dan Boren, OK (202-225-2701)
Leonard Boswell, IA (202-225-3806)
Allen Boyd, FL (202-225-5235)
Bobby Bright, AL (202-225-2901)
Dennis Cardoz, CA (202-225-6131)
Christopher Carney, PA (202-225-3731)
Ben Chandler, KY (202-225-4706)
Travis Childers, MS (202-225-4306)
Jim Cooper, TN (202-225-4311)
Jim Costa, CA (202-225-3341)
Henry Cuellar, TX (202-225-1640)
Kathy Dahlkemper, PA (202-225-5406)
Lincoln Davis, TN (202-225-6831)
Joe Donnelly, IN (202-225-3915)
Brad Ellsworth, IN (202-225-4636)
Gabrielle Giffords, AZ (202-225-2542)
Bart Gordon, TN (202-225-4231)
Parker Griffith, AL (202-225-4801)
Jane Harman, CA (202-225-8220)
Stephanie Sandlin, SD (202-225-2801)
Baron Hill, IN (202-225-5315)
Tim Holden, PA (202-225-5546)
Frank Kratovil, MD (202-225-5311)
Mike McIntyre, NC (202-225-2731)
Jim Marshall, GA (202-225-6531)
Jim Matheson, UT (202-225-3011)
Charlie Melancon, LA (202-225-4031)
Mike Michaud, ME (202-225-6306)
Walt Minnick, ID (202-225-6611)
Harry Mitchell, AZ (202-225-2190)
Dennis Moore, KS (202-225-2865)
Patrick Murphy, PA (202-225-4276)
Glenn Nye, VA (202-225-4215)
Collin Peterson, MN (202-225-2165)
Earl Pomeroy, ND (202-225-2611)
Mike Ross, AR (202-225-3772)
John Salazar, CO (202-225-4761)
Loretta Sanchez, CA (202-225-2965)
Adam Schiff, CA (202-225-4176)
David Scott, GA (202-225-2939)
Heath Shuler, NC (202-225-6401)
Zack Space, OH (202-225-6265)
John Tanner, TN (202-225-4714)
Gene Taylor, MS (202-225-5772)
Mike Thompson, CA (202-225-3311)
Charles Wilson, OH (202-225-5705)

No one denies that healthcare reform is needed in America, but the answer is not the federal government. They can't run anything let alone something as complex and ponderous as healthcare, nor should they. We have a free market system of healthcare ... let's focus on fixing the problems within that system and the first thing is the government needs to get its fat, crooked nose out of it.

The American nation founded by courageous men and women is worth saving. The republic form of government our founding fathers created for us is the most superior form of government on the entire earth. The U.S. Constitution gave birth to more than 80 plus constitutions across the world and is worth defending. We have, within our country: Citizens who believe strongly in conservative fiscal responsibility (otherwise known as keeping your budget balanced); Citizens who have deep loyalty and patriotism toward our nation; Military who stands strong between America and those who would destroy her; Free enterprise which fosters business and economic growth ... and we are worthy fighting for.

Please, step forward, pick up your phone and join the battle.

Sample script: "Hi, my name is (fill in the blank) and I am calling to ask you to not approve the healthcare legislation as it is. I am horrified by provisions in this bill, not to mention the astronomical cost which will be the final nail in the coffin of the economy. Please ask Congressman (fill in the blank) to vote No. Thank you."

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