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Top Ten Apologies

I have been deeply inspired by Barack Obama's worldwide Apology Tour (see Hawaii Free Press). This inspiration is so deep and has struck my heart. As such, I decided I needed to apologize for some things too.

Number 10: Judge Sotomayor, Obama's Supreme Court selection, thinks her judgment is better than seven of the U.S. Supreme Court justices because they are white men. I apologize.

Number 9: Someone who doesn't know how to use TurboTax is now the Secretary of the Treasury. I apologize.

Number 8: Barack Obama bows to a sultan, but was really looking for his lost contact. Ha! I apologize.

Number 7: The Stimulus Package, otherwise known as the Recovery Act, has recovered nothing and saved no one. I apologize.
Number 6: In his new health plan, Barack Obama wants to decide how elderly Americans die. I apologize.

Number 5: ACORN has changed its name and now gone international. I really apologize.

Number 4: Nancy Pelosi is a woman. I apologize.

Number 3: Harry Reid is a Mormon. I apologize.

Number 2: From Barack Obama's uncle, a WWII veteran, "My nephew is the President of the United States ... I apologize."

and Number 1: Barack Obama is the President of the United States ... I deeply and profusely apologize.
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