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Energy Bills to Skyrocket According to Barack Obama

I can say, without question or equivocation, that I am enraged at the eight Republicans who betrayed Americans and voted for the Cap & Trade bill. We already knew Democrats had no compunctions about taxing Americans into bankruptcy, but I had hoped that the Republicans in the House would stand strong. Nope, like the cowardly, spineless bums they are, they sold out.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz posted on his website how much Utahans energy bills would go up by … $3,500/yr. Oh yeah, the Democrats are saying no more than $200 to $300 a year, but in reality Congressman Chaffetz’ calculations are more accurate.

Here are the names and phone numbers of the Congressmen and Congresswoman who sold Americans down the river for some down and dirty backroom dealing.

Bono Mack (CA) 202-225-5330
Castle (DE) 202-225-4165
Kirk (IL) 202-225-4835
Lance (NJ) 202-225-5361
Lobiondo (NJ) 202-225-6572
McHugh (NY) 202-225-4611
Reichart (WA) 202-225-7761
Chris Smith (NJ) 202-225-3765

I don’t know about each of you, but Alvin and I cannot withstand these additional costs, along with the prospected $3,000/yr. extra it’s going to costs for Obama’s nightmarish healthcare that he’s letting his Congress create.

We must, without hesitation, insure that every single Democrat and these 8 Republicans are no longer in office come 2010. We must find women of good character, integrity and righteousness to take their places.

I have been asked, how does one do that? Simple, become involved from the neighborhood caucus upward. Find the party that closest fits your ideals and beliefs and then make sure that party sticks to it. Any, and I mean absolutely any party who espouses anything but the republic as an acceptable form government is WRONG.

In Section 101 of the Doctrine & Covenants, the Lord tells Joseph about the divinely inspired creation of this nation through men willing to hear God and create a Constitution that when upheld as the rule of law would provide a free and strong economy and people. It takes men and women of courage, such as who lived at the beginnings of this great nation, who will stand and speak for truth, for righteousness, for liberty and for freedom. Be those men. Be those women. You can no longer hide within your homes and hope reasons finds its way back to America.

Barack Obama and this Congress are determined, for there is no other interpretation of their legislation, their words and their actions, to destroy the American economy, thus the American people. No job will be created. No families will be saved. The ill will not be treated. The innocent will not be defended. I beg of each you to understand that the time is now. The U.S. Constitution is hanging by a thread, literally with the scissors in the hands of one of the sisters of fate, ready to be severed. We need every American man, woman and child to stand for freedom and to stand for it now. Stand for fiscal responsibility. Stand for free enterprise. Stand for liberty. Stand for the U.S. Constitution. If we do not flood the phone lines to Congress and the White House we will continue unchecked to complete communism.

Men and women of America, are you so blind that you cannot see the disaster and misery you are leaving for your children and grandchildren. Can you not see that a business will no longer be easily started? Can you not see that the new Cap & Trade legislation will not only skyrocket our personal costs, but will drive tens of thousands of small businessmen and women out of business. The realty market will crumble completely, because home and buildings will no longer be able to be sold unless they fit the new standards, the costs of which will close the doors of businesses across the nation. Groceries, clothing, flights, bus rides … it’s all going up.

This is what Obama wants. This is what this Congress wants and they care not about the impact on the American people. The last thing they are thinking of are the American people. This is the CHANGE you voted for Obamaites. Are you happy now. Nobody in Washington, D.C. is trying to save this economy. Nobody is trying to save jobs. Nobody is trying to restore this nation to its greatness. This is what you voted for. This is the unmitigated disaster you have wrought. Are you happy now?
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