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Summer Concert Series in Utah County

Shaun Barrowes, former American Idol participant and a new friend, is participating in a summer concert series in Utah County that I think is wonderful. I asked him to email me the press release for it and here it is:

May 27, 2009

For Immediate Release: Tuesday night concert series to launch in Utah County

Beginning June 2nd, Tuesday evenings in Utah County just got a little bit hotter in the rich ambiance of Tahitian Noni Gardens where local singer-songwriters will be showcasing their incredible talent throughout the Summer.

Musician, Shaun Barrowes, established the Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series this year with a six-fold purpose:

1. Bring together the local music community

2. Provide an evening of quality and memorable entertainment

3. Offer a feasible Tuesday ‘date night’ option for locals, ticket prices are only $5 per person

4. Implement an annual tradition with the concert series

5. Create performance opportunities for local and touring artists alike

6. Encourage a platform for professional LDS musicians to work together and help each other

As a talented and well-known musician himself, Barrowes understands the local music industry and the limitless talent that is found locally throughout Utah and wanted to find a solution to a number of issues that artists face in pursing their various goals. The concert series helps to address a few areas, one in particular being a venue to perform their music in front of an audience. Speaking for many local artists, Barrowes stated that, “most of us have to perform in bars or restaurants because we can’t find anywhere else to perform. With a weekly concert series I wanted to provide artists with another great performance opportunity.”

With his Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series, four artists will be highlighted each week beginning with Justin Williams, Jarrett Burns, Debra Fotheringham, and Shaun “Hammer Hands” Barrowes himself.

Nicknamed “Hammer Hands” by so many fans who commented on his ‘merciless pounding of the keys’, the name reflects how Shaun performs and reflects the passion he has for his music. “I perform with all reckless abandon, and it’s only fair to let fans know what they’re getting themselves into when they purchase a ticket to see Shaun Barrowes in concert. They should know that Shaun Barrowes is merely my alter ego, and when I dawn my superhero persona, “Hammer Hands”, only then am I ready to rock the stage!”

Barrowes is committed to helping the local music community and do what he can to individually boost their careers, and encourages all musicians to help each other as well. “We need to boost each other wherever we can. The world definitely needs better role models, and I feel like many of the musicians I’ve come across here in Utah can provide the world with just that.”

Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series, June Schedule and artist lineup:

June 2nd: Justin Williams, Jarrett Burns, Shaun Barrowes, Debra Fotheringham

June 9th: Annelise LeCheminant, Michael Wine, Shaun Barrowes, Nicole Sheahan

June 16th: Ryan Innes, April Messervy, Shaun Barrowes, Truman

June 23rd: Ru Ru, Jake Jacobson, Shaun Barrowes, Mike Barclay

For additional information, music and video clips on Shaun Barrowes or the Hammer Hands LIVE Playlist Concert Series, log on to If you would like to be added to the media guest list or to schedule an interview with Shaun Barrowes or any concert series artist, please contact Melynda Valgardson with Vyking Media.

Tahitian Noni Gardens

Take a wild guess where Alvin and I will be Tuesday nights this summer? As often as is possible. Great date night for sweethearts, hopeful sweethearts and ol' married couples like us. Admission is a mere $5.00 a person for a $70 ticket. So spread the word to family, friends and neighbors. Grab a light dinner and spend a lovely evening listening to some fantastic music. I'll see you all there!
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