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Silent No More

The Conservatives of this nation have long been called the Silent Majority. My fellow Americans, the time for sitting comfortably in your chairs or couches and saying, "Things will work themselves out" is gone. Simply put, if you do not stand up now and be heard it will be too late.

You may feel I am being overly dramatic, but I assure you, Barack Obama has done more damage to this nation and Constitution that has even been attempted in the last 220 years. And it's only taken him two months. We have 48 months to go . . . at this rate, having racked up over $5 trillion in proposed debt, with final price tag being in the double digits, we can no longer afford to remain silent.

With Article of the Constitution after Article being shot down, so quickly it is stunning, we can no longer remain silent.

The first and second amendments of the Constitution, not to mention the ninth and tenth . . . oh shoot, Obama and this Congress have violated every single article and amendment of the Constitution in one way or another since January 20, 2009.

Now, I've heard many people say: "Well Bush did this-" and "Reagan did that" and ... people, really -- nothing any president has done in the past excuses Obama's and this Congress' actions of treason toward this nation.

America was founded on strength, courage, bravery and people who fled to this nation away from the tyranny and insanity of European monarchies. They carved homes out of this unforgiving yet majestic land and they fought hard for freedom from King George and his British subjects.

We must not allow the federal government to complete its destruction of America and our Constitution. We must stand up and be heard. We can no longer sit idly by and leave it to someone else to take care of. There is no one else. We are it.

You must leave your armchairs, your gardens, your garages, your kitchens and arise from your places employment . . . America is in danger of being forever lost. If you do not stand now, it will be too late.

Begin with a Tax Day Tea Party in your area. Here in Utah, I am speaking at the:

Utah Tax Day Tea Party
Fedearl Plaza
125 South State
Salt Lake City, UT
April 15th, Noon to 2:00.

I'm being joined by Attorney General Mark Shurtleff who will be speaking on the Constitution, Congressman Jason Chaffetz will be speaking on the dangers of Big Government, Congressman Rob Bishop will be speaking on High Taxes, the BLM and Federal Land Grabs and I, I will be speaking on the Dangers of Socialism.

Join us, along with hundreds, hopefully thousands, of other conservative Utahns as we gather together and say to Washington, D.C.: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are silent no more!





Make signs to wave at the protest, which is suitable for bringing your children. We aren't liberals we believe in being law-abiding. Come ready to cheer when you agree to the great things about this nation, boo when you agree that America is under attack and it is from within our own government.

Across the nation conservative voices will join in a hue and cry which will reach the heavens. It will echo through the hallowed, yet desecrated, halls of Congress. It will sound through every room of our White House, currently occupied by a communist. Far left, just doesn't describe what this man is doing to America.

Barack Obama, his administration and this Congress have spit in the face of the American people. And we cry out to the government NO MORE!

Will Barack Obama be impeached and tried for treason? No, of course not. And yet he has committed impeachable offenses and has failed in the oath he took to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He is dismantling every freedom and every value we hold dear and no one, I mean not one single person in government, is stopping him.

And so it is up to us. It is up to the American people who still believe in personal responsibility, courage, a strong work ethic, serving your fellowman, taking care of your own, defending your nation with everything in you and knowing that you are blessed to be living in this great nation. It is these people who are rising up on April 15th and taking a stand.

It is you. I need you. America needs you. Truly, we cannot do it without you. Please join us in every way you can. Attend the tax day tea party in your area. The Tea Party effort is just a small piece of a much larger movement aimed at restoring the basic free-market principles our country was built on. The Constitution, for the most part, is being ignored by our current government and we intend on working together to correct the problem.

The Tea Party effort is a grassroots, collaborative volunteer organization made up of every day American citizens from across the country. We take pride in the fact that we've built a 50 state network of leaders and activists using nothing more than the internet, a few websites and a burning desire to restore freedom. (

Begin a blog and post about America, your hopes and dreams, the dangers we face today as Americans.

Often, even daily if you have the time, check the White House (Obama is fond of sneaking in executive orders), Senate and House of Representatives websites and keep an eye on what they are doing. Call them every time they step out of line, which will be every day, and encourage your family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Write letters to the editors of your newspapers.

As an example, Queen Pelosi (she probably gets great delight in that title never realizing how derogatory I intend it) has stated she will pass Obama's $3.6 trillion dollar budgetary disaster before he returns from Europe. It is my suggestion you light up the lines to Washington, D.C. and keep them lit up. We can't afford $3.6 trillion to the almost $2 trillion he's already spent or promised to spend.

I have such hope because of the young people I am working with on this Tax Day Tea Party. We must win this fight. We have to, because we do have wonderful people to turn this nation over to. We simply must preserve it until they are ready. Join me in this battle, please.
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