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From Disaster to Catastrophe

"Barack Obama inherited a disaster and quickly turned it into a catastrophe." I heard Sean Hannity say that and I have to agree.

There is no question that President Bush, as much as I appreciate his services and most of the decisions he made, made some wrong decisions which hurt this nation. Of course, I don't really know any president of the United States who didn't make poor decisions at one time or another during their presidencies. Even Ronald Reagan. Yes, even President Reagan made a poor decision when he tried amnesty to deal with the illegal immigration problem in America. It didn't work. Everyone knew it didn't work and so it is somewhat shocking that Obama and his cronies are considering the same action.

Of course, every knows Roosevelt's New Deal just about launched us into communism and that it failed miserably at its purpose. But that hasn't stopped Obama from launching a new and more damaging New Deal. He's pretty sure he's smarter than everyone so he can get it right this time. Well, if his billion dollars a day since landing in office on January 20th is anything to go by, increased federal government influence (or control) and the wholesale approval of the slaughter of babies, he's not getting it right either.

Although, to Obama's credit, he "signed a law that bans federal funding of any "research in which a human embryo or embryos are destroyed" two days after he lifted President Bush's executive order banning federal funding of stem cell research that requires the killing of new human embryos."

With Congress spending money, that we don't have, hand over fist, and Obama happily signing everything they send through. Hillary promising $900 million dollars towards the building of a Palestine state. Holy crap! Have she and Obama not noticed Hamas is in charge over there? Hello ... terrorist organization running the Palestinian government! Obama installing liberals and communists in his cabinet and administration. Unemployment numbers rising, day by day, to astounding highs. Citigroup and Bank of America sending the billions upon billions of stimulus package dollars over to China and Dubai.

Are there any sane, reasoning, thinking minds left in Washington, D.C. or is it overrun with politicians running around screaming, waving their hands in the air reminiscent of five-year-olds on a combined caffeine/sugar rush? I think definitely option number 2.

We are in the full throes of a catastrophe.

But have hope my friends. The market has rallied four days in a row, but don't start throwing any parties yet. GM has refused their March infusion of the stimulus package because they are doing better. But don't go silly spending money. CitiGroup has posted profits this month. But don't return to the days of wild spending and partying.

It was reported on the news that more Americans than ever are cutting back on their spending, building their savings and preparing themselves for more days like the last few months. That is precisely what they should be doing and continuing to do so.

Whether you believe in modern prophets or not (and I mean real prophets not the crazy ones like Jim Jones or David Koresh), take heart in the fact that the Lord's prophets have been promised that America will not fall. She will stumble, she may fall to her knees, but true Americans will rise up and say, "Enough is enough." They will stand and they will draw that line in the sand to all, from within and with out, and say: "This is America. The land of promise. The country who worships in the Judeo/Christian fashion. The land who will remain dedicated to Jesus Christ. This is a land of freedom, hope and God-given rights that we will take back. For you, as a mere man, have not the right to steal those freedoms from us. We will fight. We will fight to the death and we will win. We have done it before. We will do it again."

So liberals, do your manic Snoopy dances while you can. Continue in your frenetic relishing of the supposed destruction of all that is good and right. Indulge in sanity-stealing laughter while you can. As you take the federal government of America and attempt to erase what our founding fathers created, inspired by God, you will find that America will rise. As the welfare rolls swell, and the hospitals and clinics fill with those who refuse to, or can't pay. As business after business disappears and the streets fill with the hungry and displaced, we will always turn to God for that light.

For He will show us a path which will guide us through these troubled waters and grant unto us the ability to survive all you may throw at us. And when you have done all the damage you can do to America, and Americans finally see that the "great change" Obama promised was really only "great bondage" that will be the end. At that day, will the patriots rise and take America back. For they are gathering now. From city to city and state to state, conservatives are gathering and teaching people "how to fish, rather than giving them a fish." Conservatives are teaching others how to make their voices heard, how to stand and be counted. Conservatives are teaching all who will listen about the power of the divinely inspired U.S. Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Much like Captain Moroni, I raise the standard of freedom loving Americans everywhere, the flag designed so long ago by one who gave much in the pursuit of the founding and forming of this great nation.

And thus I declare, as does my family and all those who have gone before us:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the republic for which it stands,
One nation, Under God, Indivisible
with liberty and justice for all.

And from Red Skelton:

From a disaster, to catastrophe, to peace . . . just don't count on that last part coming under Obama or anyone like him. May God Bless America. We will not abandon Him. He will not abandon us.
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