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We Have Not Surrendered the Fight

It is a sad, sad day for America. Yesterday, with a swipe of his pen, Barack Obama slammed the United States of America straight into socialism. Over the course of the evening I had occasion to be grateful my father was dead as this would have broken his heart. I miss him, but more so, I would have been brokenhearted for him as he watched the repeat of the events of his childhood.

Those who have been long time readers of my blog know that my father was born in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands in 1936. On May 10th of 1940, when he was four-years-old, my dad remembered awakening to the sounds of German soldiers marching through the streets of Amsterdam, the sounds of the little metal knobs on their boots ringing with each step. He remembers running to the window and looking down, then looking up into the sky to see it filled with German bombers and fighter planes. Holland fell within a matter of hours. What ensued over the course of the next five years was horrific.

My father often spoke of what is was like to have freedom completely removed. And when I say completely removed, I mean if they wanted to cross the street to the next block, they had to have a permit from the German Army to do so. If someone in the Dutch underground took out an enemy truck? A German truck would sweep into a neighborhood, round up on the men and boys and gun them down. Then the soldiers would hop back in their truck and leave the devastation for the weeping wives, mothers and sisters to clean up. It was a horrific time for Europe. And after the war was over, my father (who was then 9) was thrown into a concentration camp because he had German blood in him (Dutch father, German mother).

So when my father came to America, he became the fiercest patriot. He loved this country with every part of his heart. He loved the Constitution and pored over it. He even carried a pocket version of the Constitution everywhere with him. He loved the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. My father was more American than many people who had been born and raised here. From him, I gain my understanding of the power, privilege and responsibility of freedom.

From my mother, born of a long line of ancestors who fled Europe in the 1500's and helped carve this nation out of the wilderness, I gained an understanding of America and the political process and I became a responsible, thinking American citizen not easily hoodwinked by flash and dazzle and cutout versions of politicians who pretend to be Americans. Freedom and America were the watch cry of my childhood home and is still the motto of my adult home. And yes, I am talking about the freedom which we cavalierly threw to the wind when we elected Obama and gave the Democrats control of Congress. We are no longer a republic. With the passage of the Recovery Act yesterday, America as a republic ceased to exist. And the enemies of the Constitution and this great nation finally won their battle.

We are no longer a nation of people who sweat blood and tears to fulfill dreams. We are no longer a nation who believes in working hard. We are no longer a nation with big state's rights and small federal government interference. Okay, I'll admit, that last one has been going on for quite awhile, but Obama took a huge jump yesterday and simply said: "America, you're too stupid to fix your problems yourself, I'm going to have to do it for you. So sit down. Shut up. And you can thank me later."

Now, we are a nation who holds their collective hand out and says, "Hey, where's my piece of the pie?" Porn kings, automobile magnates, bank CEOs, cities, states, corrupt organizations . . . it doesn't matter. They are all demanding a piece of the pie, and guess what? They got it.

During the campaign, Obama touted "change". This is the change many of us feared. Those of you who voted for Obama, is this the change you anticipated? Is your education so lacking that you truly had no understanding of the tremendous personal cost of socialism? Is your desire to be given what you haven't earned so great that you cannot see what you have plunged this nation into? Have you so completely given up on the desire to earn an honest day's pay for an honest day's work and be able to look yourself in the mirror and say:"I am a good man or woman. I work hard. I take care of my family. I don't ride on anyone else's coattails."

Is that the change you wanted? A loss of freedom and self-respect in exchange for a president who thinks you're too stupid to breathe?

Now, one would think I would be drowning in despair. Instead, I have come out swinging. I knew, when Barack Obama begin to run, who and what he was. He has never hidden his socialist agenda. He has never hidden his black supremacist mantra loving preachers, mentors and friends. He has never hidden his deep dislike and hatred for America or his likeminded associates. The words which came from his own mouth clearly stated who and what he was. This is exactly the kind of change I expected and warned everyone about. And this is the "change" we got.

But we still live in the greatest nation on earth. The suns still rises every morning and sets every night. And we still have God, although denied by many, who loves the righteous and will not abandon us. And we still have a political process that will allow us to vote out the traitors in Congress who, despite hundreds of thousands of calls to Congress voting against the Stimulus Package 100 to 1, they rammed it forward before anyone had a chance to read it. And what began as 400 pages turned into 1,000 plus pages. It was posted on the congressional websites around midnight and a vote was forced by Comrade Pelosi the next day. Ditto with the senate. Harry Reid, traitor to one and all, forced the vote there. Barack Obama quickly signed it yesterday, over the objections of thousands of Americans who flooded the White House phone lines, in the hopes that the cries of "gimme, gimme, gimme" would drown out the wounded cries over the death of a republic and the birth of a socialist America. I am sickened just by the writing of it.

But again, we can and will effect change. This is what AmericaC2C is all about. This is what being politically active is all about. This is what my blog two days ago was all about. Stand up, speak up and be not afraid. It is our turn to defend this nation. It is our turn to restore America to the glorious republic she once was. It is our turn to defeat the enemies of America and say: "The American Constitution is a divinely inspired document wholly suited, along with the Bill of Rights, to govern this nation. We have no need of "redistribution of wealth". We have no need of "the federal government poking its nose into every aspect of our personal and business lives". We have no need of someone making our decisions for us."

Barack Obama, if this your idea of "change", and it is. I wholly and completely reject it. Change would have been a president and congress who listened to the American people. Change would have an actual stimulus package instead of a "payback" to all those who got you elected, including $1 billion to groups such as ACORN (Newsmax) who was under investigation in more than a dozen states, and others like them. Oh and Harry Reid's "highstakes gambling train from Disney World to Las Vegas". Oh and the $300 million taken out as a compromise for STD's and all associated with it, was sneaked back in and more than doubled. It goes on and on.

No, I will not stand for this. And no, I will not give up America. This is my country, the land that I love. My country. My home. My right. My privilege. And with all that, also comes my responsibility. Join me, please. Let us take this fight to our towns, cities, state capitols all the way to Washington, D.C. Become informed voters. Don't vote for a smile. Don't vote for a promise. Vote for the person. Vote for what they do, rather than what they say. Understand the issues facing those same towns, cities and states and come down on the side of right. Choose wisely. Choose righteously. And please, choose to fight this fight with me. I am coalescing all my political efforts on AmericaC2C where I have joined with other conservatives who have committed to fighting this fight. From us, will come a roar for freedom so loud it shall reach the heavens.

And this is my promise, from one American to another, we will restore the republic. Socialism will not stand in America.
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