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Life is so Weird!

We have a communist about to take office . . . Life is weird. Although I've noticed his tune has changed quite a bit since he started getting daily security briefings. Even other nations of the world, and I truly do hate to use them as references, are wondering how a man who can't prove he's a natural-born American citizen is the new president of the United States . . . Life is weird.

Mormons are being attacked at every turn by homosexuals and their supporters who are using assault, terrorism, vandalism, extortion, threats and more to punish Mormons who comprised 4% of the vote in California who supported Proposition 8. Of course, these cowards know that the Mormon Church will turn the other cheek, asking its members to do the same, so said cowards can be lawless and cowardly at will, because law enforcement isn't stopping them either. I really do have a sincere question. We can't be scared into changing our beliefs and we're way more scared of God than you . . . more accurately, more worried about disappointing Him than anything you think. Do you really think this lawless, cowardly behavior is going to draw anyone to your side who wasn't already there? So you have Hollywood on your side. Big whup! Hollywood isn't exactly a beacon of righteousness, goodness and patriotism.

Hollywood, because of the passage of Proposition 8, is whining about equality and morality, or lack thereof, screaming that religion is evil and those who believe in the God of the Holy Bible are narrow-minded, bigoted, self-aggrandizing . . . uh, I can't think of anymore, but you get the point. So Hollywood, who breaks the 10 Commandments a million different ways on a daily basis, oddly enough, is obssessed with the end of the world, the decimation of the human species, aliens capturing and dominating earth . . . haven't they figured out when God returns there's going to be a "come to Jesus" moment unlike anything they've experienced and the end of the world is the last thing they want, because life as they know it will be over. Life is weird.

Life is just plain weird. I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone. Pseudo Americans have taken over the nation. The Constitution of the United States of America that I completely love and defend, is being attacked at every turn, including by our president-elect. This grand document which founded the greatest nation in the world and provided the framework for a government which has lasted over two centuries is being called old-fashioned, of a bygone era and dead. This Constitutions which was used as a basis for 80+ other constitutions across the world is under the worst assault it has ever been under. Life is freakin' weird.

On the up side, Christmas is coming. Oh yeah, I forgot. Christmas is objectionable too. Silly me.

Well get this. I am a devout Christian, fierce American patriot, devoted to God, clinging to my guns, Christmas celebrating woman in the heart of the Rockies. So here's my plan. Give California over to the illegals and the gays . . . oh wait, yeah I forgot. Already done. Toss in Massachusetts, New York and one other coastal state of their choice and leave the rest of us alone. When your states dissolve into chaos and lawlessness, don't look at us. You got what you wanted. The ability to live your lives with no rules.

I know, not much cheek turning there. I'm trying, but unless I quit watching the news my fires are going to continue being stoked by the actions of all these groups and individuals.

I won't stop being a Christian.

I won't stop being a true American.

I won't stop defending the Constitution.

I won't stop standing up for what I believe in.

I won't stop honoring my ancestors, and the ancestors of others, and their sacrifices.

I won't stop supporting the U.S. military unless they turn on the American people at the behest of a corrupt president.

I won't stop. Period.

All that being said, I have to get back to writing. I have a manuscript due.
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