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A Healthy Christmas

A healthy Christmas? Say it ain't so! That would be against God and country . . . or is it?

Let's face facts, from Thanksgiving to New Year's, havoc is wreaked on the average diet. Oh, you can vow to eat healthy, stay away from the sweets and NEVER walk down the holiday and candy aisles at the grocery store. But then the doorbell rings and there's your neighbor with luscious treats of one variety or another. And day after day, friends and neighbors show up and the treats pile up on the table until you'd have to have a will of cast iron proportions to not succumb.

So what's the answer?

Well, there are several options which I personally employ to keep the Christmas gain down to zero to five pounds, maximum!

1. Share. There are families who are seriously without. The quickest way to finding out who is struggling is to check with your bishop or relief society president and see who could stand a little Christmas delight. Keep a small amount of the treats you really enjoy, and give everything else away.

2. Throw a party. Save the treats as they come and when you have a good amount, throw a party and share the wealth.

3. Let it be known you prefer fruit! Spread the word that you're trying REALLY hard to be healthy and would appreciate treats, if people REALLY want to bring them, of the orange, apple, grapefruit (unless there's a transplant patient in the house) variety.

4. Eat first. Before indulging in any treats, eat your five meals a day . . . three main meals and two healthy treats (i.e. one hard boiled egg and one apple) before indulging in that fudge, divinity, brownies, candy . . . you won't be able to indulge much.

Then there's the most difficult one of all:

5. Give it all away! This one really hurts and I've yet to accomplish it. I usually need a taste of each treat but I'm trying really hard this year to simply say "no" and give the treats to people whose metabolism keeps them slim or trim. Yeah, those were the days.

Oh yeah, one more thing, exercise. Do not stop exercising during the holidays. That's a very, very bad idea. If you can keep up a healthy level of exercise during the holiday, your body will continue to burn efficiently.

If you can exercise some control and implement one or all of the above tips, then you should be in relatively good shape to survive the holidays unscathed.

Good Luck!

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