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Remember . . .

Can you ever see Barack Obama loving America this much?

I can't.

Now let's hear from Barack Obama himself on, let's say, ACORN, an organization being investigated in 11 states. Once whose roots go back to people willing to harass, demean and terrifying on behalf of their cause. Who was a part of that organization? Oh yeah, Obama.

And why is it people want to vote for him? Let's take a look at what ACORN's been up to.

They are known for their militant protests, legislative and personal harassment of banks and lending organizations to provide mortgages for people who simply couldn't afford them. In case you aren't aware, one of the legs of this current financial crisis are the junk mortgages ACORN forced upon banks. And actually, if those bank officials succumbed to the illegal activities of ACORN (trespassing, threats, harassment, etc.) they should haven't been bank officials. But that's neither here nor there. They applied the pressure until junk mortgages became the norm and honest mortgages for people who scrimped, saved and budgeted until they had their down payments became more and more rare.

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