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America's Viewpoint: South Dakota

I keep talking with everyone in my family and they all keep saying who they are going to vote for. However, everyone acts as if they only have two choices. None of my family will admit to liking any of our two choices and are willing to accept and take the lesser of two evils. I agreed with this philosophy and voted for George Bush because I believed he was the lesser of two evils. The problem is that I believe he has done more to destroy the Constitution than almost any other person, all in the name of fighting terrorism. I listed to his appointed attorney argue in front of the US Supreme Court that the government should not be required to state more than that a person was a terrorist to be allowed to hold them indefinitely with nothing more. When asked why they didn't just designate them as a prisoner of war, they stated, we don't believe we should have to, we can hold them without such until we are satisfied.

This type of argument sounds not entirely out of line when you are talking about terrorists, right? The problem is that the Patriot Act designates way too many people as terrorist. In fact, the government has used it to go after a strip club owner. Now, I don't like strip clubs, but I have a problem calling them terrorists. This is too much for me, being that the 1896 case against the Mormon Church (Courts designation) is still valid law. It specifically states that members of the church are enemies of the state.

Thus, I'm not willing to bet on another lesser of two evils. I believe we should take the third option. The founders specifically talked against having powerful political parties, and I agree. We now need to take back our voting power and set the political parties on their ear. We need to use the write-in vote option. You are not required to vote for a person on the ballot, you can write-in a candidate.

If we can choose a candidate we can agree on, and most of the family agrees on Mitt Romney, why not write him in and start a grass roots effort to have all members, write him in. We are allowing wicked men to minimize our choices. I'm not willing to continue to do so. While most of your will say, I'm wasting my vote, well so be it. Either way, I believe that McCain will decimate the Constitution in the name of security and whatever else he is willing to go along with, and Obama, will just wipe it out of existence.

What if we work grass roots and make our choices real choices?


My Response: While I would love to launch a grass roots campaign, I received an email from Mitt Romney asking me to throw my support to John McCain. I did so, but with great trepidation and worry. Then John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. I researched her and I was on board 100%.

The time to begin a grass roots campaign is November 5th, for it will take an entire four years to gain enough momentum to actually make a difference.

We must stay ever alert with John McCain's presidency and the Congress. We must inform ourselves, make ourselves aware of all that is going on and speak up loud and clear. So, let's start the write in campaign for Mitt Romney on November 5th of 2008. Let's take back America. And yeah, I'll try and contact Ted Nugent and see if he'll come on board. But I don't know him so my chances of getting through to him are slim to none.

Evelyn's Response: That is where I think you are wrong. The only way we are going to be able to have anymore time is if we seriously don't get either of these guys. The fear of splitting the vote is what the political parties use to keep people in line, while they continue to force on us candidates that completely lack any backbone.

Almost every bill McCain has been involved in writing has been an abridgment of the rights of the citizens. Sure he was a POW and good for him, but that doesn't mean he is going to do what is right, after having not done it his entire career. When I did work in AZ I found him to be very liberal. Not that I like that term, for me it is better to say that he lacks any concern for personal rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

So you believe that so many people like McCain that they won't agree to a write-in. I think you are wrong. We've just kept voting for the lesser of two evils and now Bush has the government holding people without access to the courts for years. Do you think that's not going to continue and get bigger, as they use the Patriot Act. Bush got on television and said that they never got the listings of peoples library books, while there was an on-going sealed case by the librarians because they had pulled the reading lists, wholesale. Sorry, but I'm doing what I can to not make the situation worse. If you want to help, see how people feel about a write-in campaign. You just discounted it without even a single response to whether people would take part.

Do you really think Ted Nugent wouldn't be behind a write-in vote, I disagree. He might be exactly the person needed. However, once McCain is elected he is going to go right back to what he's always done, and that is destroy the Constitution. I'm sorry Candace but I cannot agree with you.

Unless the American public take back their right to vote from the political parties it won't matter who gets into office. McCain will owe the Republican party for getting him into office, but they have done that repeatedly and he's thumbed his nose at them. He used to be pro-choice. He's voted for tax hikes numerous times. Geez Candace, why expect different results from putting him in office, from before.

Why don't you not knee jerk with splitting the vote, because you know, no one wants McCain, they just don't want Obama. You write several LDS blogs, do you not think you could help rally? Why not discuss it with Mitt. I'm sorry, but I cannot support his vote for the Patriot Act and the many unConstitutional things the government has done with it.

I know that you and your mother don't like the supreme courts ruling giving those held at Guantanamo bay the right to petition the courts, but the government can completely circumvent their right to go to the courts, you know how? All they have to do is designate them as prisoners of war. The supreme court stated that they would have no right to address a petition from a prisoner of war. So what is the problem. The problem is that to designate them as prisoners of war requires certain legal rights. The right to be able to say you aren't an enemy combatant. Is that so bad, what is wrong with that. What the government see as wrong with that is that people could not be held nameless, without attorneys or access to the courts for years. They would have to be recorded and this is a bad thing. McCain believes in this process of holding people without rights. According to what the government wrote in their briefs they believe the same allowance for holding people without access should be allowed in any place the government doesn't have ownership, only control. Guess what that would include, any Indian reservation.

Am I paranoid, I don't think so. Of the over 200 people they held without rights, less than 50 lost when they challenged the government. That's 150 held in violation of the Constitution. Joseph Smith used exactly the same remedy these people relied on, however, under what the government tried to get the court to do, that remedy would be inaccessible to those the government decided did not have access. Geez Candace. The only right the Constitution made a point of stating was paramount and thus in drafting it, the founders included the writ of habeas corpus. They did not include the amendments as we know them, but they did include habeas. Why, it is the ultimate weapon to make the government admit why they are holding you.

Lincoln did not suspend habeas during the Civil War, and yet the government, McCain as part, want to suspend it when they haven't even bothered to make an active declaration of war.

This type of slipshod behavior with our rights is his manner of behavior up to date. He will not change. All that will happen is that he will enter office and talk about the mandate from the people.

Why not at least give it a try.

My response. Hmmm. It's not that I think so many people like John McCain that they won't agree to a write-in, it's that getting the larger part of Americans to actually act in their best interested is difficult, and impossible, at best. As to talking to Mitt Romney, he has thrown his support completely behind John McCain. I had begun a grassroots movement on my blog which was quickly circumvented by the man himself when I received an email. At this point, I must stand with John McCain and hit him hard with the will of the American people. I believe I will have Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to aid us in this cause. So there are two questions here:

1) Will Americans shake off their apathy, or their desire to be taken care of, and stand up and vote responsibly?


2) Will Americans rally behind us on November 5th and launch a campaign which will sweep the nation and maintain its momentum until November 4th of 2012?

What say you, America?
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