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Is Prop 8 Necessary?

If you believe that California's Proposition 8 is NOT necessary look what happened to a couple in Massachusetts:

We must stand against this liberal desire to usurp the parental role and sacred responsibility and right to raise our children up unto God. This cannot stand as the norm. It cannot stand as acceptable.

And to the parents in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Move from these states, if at all possible. If not, pull your children from public schools and either homeschool them (see Moorhouse Academy) or get them into charter or private schools. Fight with your congressmen and senators to get tax credits for the children taken from public schools and take your tax dollars with you leave the cesspool that has become public education.

Every Californian who believes they have the right as parents, even sacred responsibility, to be the moral compass and guide of their children must stand, must vote and MUST SUPPORT Proposition 8.

My thanks to Anne Bradshaw of Not Entirely British for posting this video on her blog.

I find it a very interesting phenomena that when Christians, in this instance Mormons, stand up for what they believe in a peaceful, articulate manner, they receive death threats and hate letters from those in favor, in this case, of Proposition 8. It's interesting how atheists and homosexuals are allowed to express their opinions and rob the rest of us of our Constitutional rights. As if, somehow, in being godless and homosexual trumps the rights of every other American? Newsflash! WRONG!

Vote YES on Proposition 8. There is no other moral choice.
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