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Random Thoughts About Life

I just returned from seeing Mama Mia for the fourth time! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! I walk out of there with a spring in my step, a smile on my face and very, very happy! Great movie. Now, who else can I con into going with me? So far, my sister and my friends went with me on opening night. Alvin took me on my birthday. Sete, bless his heart, came with me on Wednesday. And today, one of my "missionary sons" and his fiance' went with me! Gotta love it!

Barack Obama is about to explode my brain. I had a conversation with a lovely little lady today who told me was supporting Barack Obama. Thank goodness she can't vote! When I asked her why she was supporting him she said she couldn't say why but that he seemed like a very nice guy. Holy Cow! People! Over a trillion in new taxes to pay for his universal health care, our increased dependence on foreign oil, our reduction in military and greater supplementation to environmentalists because Obama isn't bright enough to recognize the scam, governmentalized education and parenting . . . I could go on and on, and have. But can't people see what they are doing? They are voting for the complete and utter destruction of America under the presidency of a man who hates America and feels the need to apologize to the world for America.

For what?
  • For saving their butts in World War I?
  • For saving their butts in World War II?
  • For stopping the march of communism into South Korea?
  • For feeding and caring for the world?
  • For being there EVERY TIME a natural disaster hits, providing food, supplies and people?
  • For loaning everything to 3rd world countries and not demanding those funds back?
  • For fighting for the right to keep men's minds' free?
  • For the best health care system in the world?
  • For the greatest entrepreneurial society in the world?
What, Obama? What exactly are you apologizing for? You bastard! Don't you dare apologize to the world on our behalf. You have no right, nor do you have the authority. Traveling the world as if you were already the president of the United States. Don't let the accolades of societies who have sold their freedoms long ago go to your head. I, along with others like me, will fight you tooth and nail to keep America from turning into another freakin' Europe!

Moving on before I have an aneurysm. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the grass is green, and for the rest of today I'm going to ignore the national issues we are facing and just enjoy being free and an American. Don't know how long that state of being will continue, but I'm going to enjoy it for all its worth.

Along with a partner, we are looking to buy an established publishing house. Anybody have $3,000,000 you want to throw our way?

We are on our way to join Alvin's family for a Salima Family Reunion. So everybody have a great day and I'll check in tomorrow with a review on Surprise Packages by Nancy Anderson, Lael Littke and Carroll Hoffling Morris. Yes, that's what I'll be reading today when things get boring.

Enjoy your summer day!
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