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Marketing Your Book: The Wave of the Future

I found this information on the Reel Line Productions website. I'm so sold on this marketing concept for books and truly believe it to be the wave of the future. I first ran across the concept on the Murderati Blog, which is the blog of a number of national crime writers. When I approached my Hollywood friends I was given a potential price of $10,000 per book trailer, or book screener, as Reel Line Productions calls them. Well, I'm not Nora Roberts or J.K. Rowling, so $10,000 was seriously out of my budget range. Then I ran across Reel Line Productions . . . they offer the same, or better than 100% of the book trailers I've seen, quality of work for a fraction of the price.

Just imagine, you've got a booksigning coming up and you're trying to figure out how to "bring the people in" so that both you and the bookstore are satisfied. But lucky you, you've had a professional, top quality Book Screener and Author Interview done by Reel Line Productions, who will loop it on a DVD for you which you can then mail to the bookstore to begin playing 1 week prior to your book signing. You encourage them to have a pre-order list sheet at the cash register and have the cashiers place a bookmark announcing your book and booksigning in every single bag. Toss in a poster or banner and you have a marketing blitz that will work. Last time I tried this, using Brandon Sanderson as my guinea pig . . . 184 books in 90 minutes. Even his publisher was amazed. My friends, I know what I'm doing.

So, now you want to know: What is a book screener! A book screener is a video dramatization of a book created for the purpose of advertising and marketing a book. Much like the very well known movie trailers, book screeners may contain key elements, characters, action sequences, or any other portion of a book to tantalize the viewer into purchasing the book and reading the real story.

Reel Line Productions book screeners come in various shapes and sizes. Although a few key styles are mentioned a publisher or author may contact them and they are willing to create whatever the author desires.
  • Author Interview - An actual recorded interview where the author discusses their book and some of its key details. This is a great way to give the product your own spin.

    • Green Screen (with your book as the background)
    • Standard Background (office or home or stage set)
    • On Location Interview
  • Still Image Book Screener - A book screener created by taking still images or stock photography and sequencing them with text, voice over, and/or music to tell the story. (custom photography available)
  • Mix Book Screener - A book screener that has a combination of still imagery and video dramatization to tell the story.
  • Full Dramatized Book Screener - This is a fully dramatized book screener, filmed on locations that parallel the story, with actors and props from the story that take the view in and emotionally entertain them. This is the most effective book screener.
What are some of the benefits of book screeners? As a publisher or an author it is important to get the word out about your product. A book screener just may be the way to do that. The greatest benefit of a book screener is your ability to reach people outside the influence of your radio and TV advertising. It also is great for direct marketing visitors of the authors or publishers web sites.
  • Cost effective National Advertising
  • Multi-media presentation of the book
  • Video emotionally engages the viewer
What's stopping you from turning your book into a book trailer today? Payment plans are available. For more information Contact Reel Line Productions or call Steven Enfield at 801-360-9411 for an immediate response.
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