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Sports, sports and more sports

I live in a house with a husband, nephew and a "missionary son*." I'm surrounded by men, no question and it's a unique experience. You can probably guess where I'm headed with this. Two of the three men in my home love sports. Especially the Lakers. Me, I'm a Jazz fan. But unlike BYU football, I never miss a game, I've had to listen to these Lakers fans hoot and holler because their team is taking it all the way to the top. Which is completely besides the point, because I do actually have one.

I'm a wife. That's my calling. I'm a writer. That's my profession. I'm a homemaker . . . that's my curse. (I really hate to clean. Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!)

Has anyone ever noticed how many games are on television at any given time? Oh there's football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, hand ball (European version which is a cutthroat combination of soccer, basketball and lacrosse on steroids and in a rage), tennis, soccer, lacrosse, boxing, cycling, mixed martial arts, hockey, martial arts, golf, bowling, pool, strongest man, gladiators . . . oh my word, I could go on forever. The men in my home will. If there's a game on, any kind, my husband is glued to the television. He loves sports, all kinds of sports. It doesn't matter. Sete is not far behind, although, to his credit, he's out playing basketball or volleyball almost every night.

Sports are good. They're good for your health when you play them. They build your sense of accomplishment and self-esteem when you're good at them. They whittle you down physically until you're in the shape of your life. They pull friends and family together when cheering on a common team. All of this is good. But it is my contention that sports, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year will make "blood shoot out of your eyes," to quote a rather loquacious national talk show host. Really, I swear . . . not to mention the incessant sound of sports of one kind or another will rot the brains of the viewer and anyone who happens to stuck within range.

So to all you armchair athletes out there. Break out a book. Weed the garden. Mow the lawn. Have a conversation with someone, anyone . . . but take a break from televised sports and start playing them! I promise you'll feel better and your wives will start looking at you with new eyes. Not a bad thing.

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* Young man who served his mission in our area whom we came to love as a son.
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