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Is Modesty a Thing of the Past

We live in a world where modesty seems to be a thing of the past. I look around, even in bastians of Christian communities where it would seem the standards are higher, and still, the skirts grow shorter, the shirts skimpier and the daughters of God look more and more like the women of the world, even, one might say, ancient Babylon. And yet, it grows more difficult to find clothing one considers modest, yet attractive.

With the latest brouhaha over Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair photo shoot it has brought a few points home to me.

Hollywood dresses its actresses in skimpy to little clothing, parading around in thong bikinis, miniskirts or going topless all together. Magazines show the same. Books, television and movies portray teenagers engaging in sexual activity, partying, drinking and doing drugs. And yet, there was an uproar over that particular picture of Miley Cyrus. Does anyone else see the contradiction there?

Do we want our sons and daughters to dress modestly? Then we must set standards with them, helping them to know that they can be modest and fashionable at the same time. We must dress accordingly, for if the parents dress immodestly so too shall the children.

Do we want our sons and daughters to have manners befitting children of God? Then we must set that standard ourselves. Do not allow them to watch shows portraying such behavior, for what they see on a regular basis they will internalize. Do not bring into your homes the shows which promote reprehensible behavior as the norm. If we watch them, so will they.

Do we want our sons and daughters to refrain from promiscuity, drinking, smoking and doing drugs? Then we must refrain from that ourselves. We must now allow into our homes that which shows such depravity to be delightsome.

And where does it all begin? Truly, with the way we dress. Such a simple thing, yet a basic truth. It may seem as if it is impossible to find modest, fashionable clothing, but the yourLDSNeighborhood Clothing Block has several stores which sell just that very thing. In cities throughout the nation, whether on your city blocks or on the internet, you can find modest clothing. Even, although you may need to ask someone to teach you how, sewing modest clothing yourselves is also a solution to this disease taking the youth of today.

It is time to take our children back from Hollywood. Hollywood's desire to crush the family unit as a whole, destroy all belief in Jesus Christ and bring this nation to her knees is something that can be stopped. We cannot allow this. It begins in the home, my friends. With your sons and daughters, with yourselves. Modesty is not a thing of the past, for Jesus Christ is our God and His standards hold throughout the eternities.

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