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June 8, 1978 - A Glorious Revelation

Hear from the hearts of the Latter-day Saints who were effected the most by this glorious revelation.

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ needs no defense, it stands on its own." Sister Cathy Stokes

Many will never understand how deeply the leaders and membership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints longed for that day in 1978. I have a distinct memory of sitting in the back of a car with two other girls on our way back from a youth conference in Gallup, New Mexico. The radio was fuzzy, as it often was in the 70's, but suddenly it came in clear as a bell and we heard the news. The day had finally arrived, "all worthy male members of The Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints were now eligible to receive the full blessings of the priesthood." Oh, the celebration which ensued.

Yes, there were some mean-hearted saints who left the Church over this revelation, but then there those who left the change when other things occurred to. Those who truly kept their eyes single to the glory of God rejoiced as we hadn't in a very long time.

This video reminds of that day. The memory is good.
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